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  • Max Rosardo, DJ/ Producer from Napoli in Italy, born in 1972. IRMA_(Recycle Records_Compilation),(Recycle Records),(ElegantBit Records), (JoyFullFamily Records),(Smoke Joke Records),(SoulVeritee Records),(Secouer Records),(Milligrams Records),(Pressl..
    Biography Massimiliano Rosardo, aka Dj Max Rosardo, discovered the house music when he was a little boy and he fell in love with it listening to the first musical note. He was born in Naples on the 14th of November, 1989. When he was only 16 years old, he had already played in private parties. The adolescence is that period in a person’s life in which the appearance is more important than the essence. Instead for Max the most important thing was the music. His young friends bought designers shoes and jeans. Max preferred buying records and devoting himself to his passion. When he was 23 years old he had to abandon his passion for work matters but his hope was that a day his dream would have come true again. That day arrived many years later. When he was 28 years old he began to cultivate again his interest in the house music and in 2003 he started to play as a professional dj in the privée of the History Disco Dinner, in Naples. His record activity started in 2006 when for the Deep Den Records label he produced the remix of the track Reason (Original Mix : House Lovers) with Dj Roy Audiovelox. In 2010 he started to work together with the Recycle Records and he produced with this label many original tracks and EPs. In 2010 the Recycle Records started to produce vinyl records with the new brand Recycle Limited. For this brand Max produced in 2012 the track Bound. One year later, he started to work together with the Irma Records, one of the biggest labels in Italy and abroad. For this label in 2013 he produced two tracks: Bound and You Are One Of Us. The production with this legendary label has continued also with its satellite labels. For the Irma Electrica he produced the tracks If You Know and The Big One in 2013; for the Irma Dancefloor he produced the track Take&Tech in 2015. The music created by Max encompasses various genres: Tech, Deep House Groove, Deep House, Tech House, Electronica, Techno, Electro House, Chill Out, Minimal and Deep Tech. The latter is the genre that characterizes his new project: Deep Death Lab, a record label he has produced with one of his dearest friends, Dj Roy Audiovelox. Because of his secretive and meditative disposition, he has always preferred the phase of creation and editing rather than the live performances. Max expresses completely himself when he is in the recording studio and he can feel his emotions and turn them into the music, with no outer conditionings. Techno Deep, Techno Dub, Techno, Funky, Minimal, House, Soulful, Jazz House. These are the genres that have always influenced his musical production. Max loves producing his music, but he has never renounced his live performances. He played in many clubs: Fire Club, Play Disco, 00 Club, Miles, So Ho Disco (2004 - Salerno); Sohal Beach Discotek, Titius&Caius, Bright Tunnel (2004 - Caserta); Barrage Discotek (2005 - Zakynthos, Greece); La Sciara -Club Situation- (2009 - Naples); ReFabrik, RelaxBar, Andy PoP Club, Diva Club, Cabaret Portalba -DéJaVu- (2010 - Naples); BanoramaBar (2010 - Otranto, Lecce); The Deep Band -Galleria 19, Ex Rising Shout- (2011 - Naples); Ciclope Beach -Mito Festival- (2012 - Palinuro, Salerno); Sudterranea (2013 - Naples); Underworld Festival (2013 - Salerno); Fico D'India (2014 - Porto Selvaggio, Lecce). But his dimension remains the recording studio where he creates the house music. He was a teenager who preferred the essence rather than the appearance and now he is a secretive man and he is a secretive dj and producer too. The passion guides his musical activity. He prefers being distant from the footlights but he wants to be close to the bottom of the house music essence. _______________________________________________________ Discography The EPs: Desesperado EP - 2008 (Tracks4Dj Records) Johnny Project EP - 2008 (Tracks4Dj Records) Love Deep EP - 2010 (Travel Records) Mill EP - 2010 (Presences Recordings) Metropoly EP - 2010 (Polluted Records) Sad Time EP - 2010 (ElegantBit Records) Heart Lover's EP - 2010 (Milligrams Records) Metropoly EP - 2010 (Polluted Records) One Day Ep - 2011 (ElegantBit Records) Life EP - 2011 (Recycle Records) Old Test EP - 2011 (Surbeats Records) Falling Leaves EP - 2011 (Smoke Joke Records) Vvaa04 EP - 2012 (Ban-Off Music) Essay EP - 2012 (Plus Beat Records) And Just EP - 2013 (Recycle Records) A Testa In Giù EP - 2013 (Recycle Records) I Feel Love EP - 2013 (Recycle Records) Get Ready EP - 2014 (Recycle Records) The Void EP - 2014 (Recycle Records) Mercury EP - 2014 (Illogic Music) Buddy EP - 2015 (GOS Music Studio) ________________________________________________________ The Original Tracks: Desesperado - Tracks4Dj Records, 2008 Johnny Project - Tracks4Dj Records, 2008 So Good - Tracks4Dj Records, 2008 I'm Impure - Tracks4Dj Records, 2008 Mill (Dub Mix) - Presences Recordings, 2010 Mill (Original Mix) - Presences Recordings, 2010 Need - Polluted Records, 2010 On My On - Milligrams, 2010 Sad Time - Elegant Bit, 2010 See Also - City Life, 2010 Shadow - Polluted Records, 2010 Test File - Attiva Sas, 2010 The Big One - Recycle Records, 2010 Treat - Polluted Records, 2010 3 Hours Of Job (Max Rosardo and Carlo Carita) - Soul Veritee, 2011 Deep Enough - Joyfull Family Records, 2011 Deep House for Me - Smoke Joke records, 2011 Hot - Recycle Records, 2011 Kitchen Chiken - Coffee Groove Records, 2011 Life - Recycle Records, 2011 Lead - Secouer, 2011 Limify - Smoke Joke records, 2011 Old Test - Surbeats Records, 2011 One Help - Recycle Records, 2011 See Also - Smoke Joke Records, 2011 Religion - LOK Records, 2011 Siio - LOK Records, 2011 SLVT004 - Soul Veritee, 2011 Sunday Afternoon - Smoke Joke Records, 2011 39.1 - Soul Veritee, 2012 Bound - Recycle Limited, 2012 Chic And Me - Joyfull Family Records, 2012 Deep House For Me - Budenzauber, 2012 DipNone - HouseBeat Records, 2012 Don’t Let Music Die - Ban-off Music, 2012 Essence - Attiva Sas, 2012 Essence - Elegant Bit, 2012 Flat Palce - Soul Veritee, 2012 Honor And Pleasure - Smoke Joke Records, 2012 House - Soul Veritee, 2012 Sad Time - Attiva Sas, 2012 Stop&Go - Plus Beat Recordings, 2012 White Soul - HouseBeat Records, 2012 Who's The King Of The Party - Ban-off Music, 2012 A Testa In Giù - Recycle Records, 2013 And Just - Recycle Records, 2013 Bound - IRMA Records, 2013 Fluid - HouseBeat Records, 2013 I Can Try - HouseBeat Records, 2013 I Feel Love - Recycle Records, 2013 If You Know - IRMA Elettrica, 2013 If You Know - Recycle Records, 2013 One Help - Irma Electrica, 2013 Take & Tech - Recycle Records, 2013 The Big One - IRMA Elettrica, 2013 The Not Use - Recycle Records, 2013 Under_Umbrell_One - Recycle Records, 2013 You Are One Of Us - IRMA Records, 2013 You Are One Of Us - Recycle Records, 2013 A Testa In Giù - Pyramide, 2014 BMW - Recycle Records, 2014 Deep Enough - Recovery Tech, 2014 Get Ready - Recycle Records, 2014 Jupiter - Illogic Music, 2014 KupKake - Recycle Records, 2014 Limify - HiFi Stories, 2014 Limify - Mood Indigo, 2014 Mercury - Illogic Music, 2014 Reflex - Wavetech Limited, 2014 S.GennAIR - Clean Lyrics, 2014 S.GennAIR - Roland Ultra, 2014 Uranus - Illogic Music, 2014 Ya - Recycle Records, 2014 Buddy - GOS Music Studio, 2015 Express - Recycle Records, 2015 Kosè - Recycle Records, 2015 Kupkake - Suonaphone, 2015 Look Into The Void - Recycle Records, 2015 Stephan - HouseBeat Records, 2015 Take & Tech - Irma Dancefloor, 2015 Two Step - Recycle Records, 2015 Yddub - GOS Music Studio, 2015 _________________________________________________ Remixed tracks: Reason (Original Mix: House Lovers - Remix: Max Rosardo and Roy Audiovelox) - Deep Den Rec, 2006 Intense (Original Mix: Simoncino - Remix: Max Rosardo) - Recycle Records, 2009 40 Degrees (Original Mix: T. Ruggieri - Remix: Max Rosardo) - Elegant Bit, 2010 Jazz Is Life (Original Mix: Zeitgeist - Remix: Max Rosardo) - Recycle Records, 2010 In Correct (Original Mix: Paolo Driver and DJ Filix - Remix: Max Rosardo) - JoyFull Family Records, 2011 Boston Mess (Original Mix: Vincenzo de Robertis - Remix: Max Rosardo) - Footmusic Records, 2011 Freakly (Original Mix: T.Ruggieri - Remix: Max Rosardo) - Lok Records, 2011 Coming Back For More (Original Mix: Ricky KK - Remix: Max Rosardo) - HouseBeat Records, 2011 Saturn (Original Mix: Aaron Und Pascal - Remix: Max Rosardo) - Recycle Records, 2013 Holding (Original Mix: Chris Marley - Remix: Max Rosardo) - Ban-off Music, 2013 Drumed (Original Mix: Twofalls - Remix: Max Rosardo) - Habla Music Limited, 2013 Alpha Vs Omega (Original Mix: Sinclair - Remix: Max Rosardo) - Ban-Off Music, 2013 George Blooney (Original Mix: Dipo - Remix: Max Rosardo) - Recycle Records, 2014 Cafe Crème (Original Mix: BenBen and Fresh Tee - Remix: Maz Rosardo) - Suonaphone, 2014 Birth (Original Mix: Manuel Battista - Remix: Max Rosardo) - HouseBeat Records, 2014 Better Than You (Original Mix: Christian Farias and Luigi Gori - Remix: Max Rosardo) - Recycle Records, 2014 Tutta (Original Mix: Vincenzo de Robertis and Sara Lisanti - Remix: Max Rosardo) - Keep On Limited, 2014 Paradise feat. Aretha M (Original Mix: Soultoniq - Max Rosardo Orbital Mix) - HouseBeat Records, 2015 Black Friday (Original Mix: Frank Martin - Remix: Max Rosardo) - Ban-off Music, 2015 Valentina Has A Girlfriend (Original Mix: Felix Fossil - Remix: Max Rosardo) - Recycle Records, 2015 _________________________________________________ Some tracks remixed by other artists: And Just (Original Mix: Max Rosardo - Remix: Santorini) - Recycle Records, 2010 Sad Time (Original Mix: Max Rosardo - Remix: Vernon) - Elegant Bit Records, 2010 One Day (Original Mix: Max Rosardo - Remix: Matteo Matteini) - Elegant Bit Records, 2011 Life (Original Mix: Max Rosardo - Remix: Betty Dope) - Recycle Records, 2012 The Dream [Original Mix: Max Rosardo - Remix: Refresh (IT)] - Recycle Records, 2012 I Feel Love (Original Mix: Max Rosardo - Remix: Ivo Toscano and MooD Crew) - Recycle Records, 2013 I Feel Love (Original Mix: Max Rosardo - Remix: Aaron Und Pascal) - Recycle Records, 2013 Kosè (Original Mix: Max Rosardo) - Recycle Records, 2015 Buddy (Original Mix: Max Rosardo - Remix: Cajetano) - GOS Music Studio, 2015

    Selected discography

    Some Original : _______________________________________________ Max Rosardo - And Just EP (Recycle Records) Max Rosardo - Mill EP (Presences Recordings) Max Rosardo - Metropoly EP (Polluted Records) Max Rosardo - Sad Time EP (ElegantBit Records) Max Rosardo - Heart Lover's EP (Milligrams Records) Max Rosardo - One Day Ep (ElegantBit Records) Max Rosardo - Life EP (Recycle Records) Max Rosardo - Falling Leaves EP (Smoke Joke Records) Max Rosardo - OLD TEST EP (Surbeats Records) Max Rosardo - SLVT004 (Soul Veritee) Max Rosardo - DipNone (HouseBeat Records) Max Rosardo - Essay EP (Plus Beat Records) Max Rosardo - Bound (Recycle Limited) Max Rosardo - I FEEL LOVE EP (Recycle Records) Max Rosardo - Bound (IRMA Records) Max Rosardo - You Are One Us (IRMA Records) Max Rosardo - The Big One (IRMA Elettrica) Max Rosardo - if You Know (IRMA Elettrica) Max Rosardo - A testa in giu' (Pyramide) Max Rosardo - Get Ready EP (Recycle Records) Max Rosardo - The Void EP (Recycle Records) Max Rosardo - Buddy EP (GOS Music Studio) __________________________________________________________ Some Remix : Zeitgeist Jazz Is Life Recycle Records 2010 Betty Dope Life Recycle Records 2011 Santorini And Just Recycle Records 2010 Vernon Sad Time Elegant Bit Records 2010 Refresh (IT) The Dream Recycle Records 2012 Matteo Matteini One Day Elegant Bit Records 2010 T.Ruggieri Freakly Lok Records 2011 Paolo Driver In Correct JoyFull Family Records 2011 Ricky KK Coming Back For More HouseBeat Records 2011 Chris Marley Holding Ban-Off Music Records 2012 Sinclair Alpha VS Ban-Off Music Records 2012 Aaron Und Pascal Saturn Recycle Records 2013 Two Falls Drumed Habla Music Limited 2013 Manuel Battista Birth Ep HouseBeat Records 2014 Felix Fossil Valentina Has A girlfriend Recycle Records 2015 Luca Ferrari FlyNight Recycle Records 2016 _____________________________________________