Mauro Fundone



  • From House to Techno...
    Born in Turin in 1989, Mauro approaches the world of music and in particular the world of clubbing at the age of 17 years, where observing for the first time the crowd from a stage, understands how the music is able to attract him and also what it is able to transmit to people. From that moment the music and the clubs will be an integral part of his life. After a learning period, Mauro start to performing in some of the city's main club and in a few year he become a dj resident in some of the best parties and have a chance to share the booth with some big artists like Riva Starr and Crookers. His sets are very eclectic, he love to play house with some techno and old school influences. Until today he has played in almost all the clubs in Turin (Chalet, The Beach, ThePuddhu Bar & more). From 2012 he approach the world of production doing some tracks and personal edit for enriching his set and transmit, as much as possible, his musical style. Has released some tracks on several labels including: Hollister Records,Plusquam division, Crossworlder, Shibiza, Enharmonic, Milk Records & more.