Mathias Kaden



  • Whether it is Openening, Primetime or Aftershow, Mathias' intuition for the crowd and location, proves each time again that he lives for his profession. His music is both, distinctly ambitious and refreshing. Following the House music of the 90s, he wo..
    For a while, he has been using different types of percussion elements. The result is an enjoyable rhythm, which communicates with its audience in a very particular way. In a playful approach, he creates an incredible repertoire of feelings that reproduces within the crowd. Mathias’ various sets include the following sound features: funky, freaky, dashing, dub, slamming, enriched by African and South American percussions. Inspired and motivated by the first House & Techno DJs at Bioxultra in Gera he got his first turntables at the age of 14. One could argue it is necessary to live wherever the sound rises at a particular time. However, Mathias draws on his own strengths. Away from sated urban in- and output, he has always maintained the objectivity for his music. For 7 years, he has been the resident DJ of the well-known club Muna. He is not only DJing there, but he also supports talented folks within the Freshblood project. Additionally, he is jointly responsible for the Klanglauf events at Kassablanca in Jena, as a DJ and organizer. Together with Marek Hemman, Mathias released 4 EPs on the label Freude am Tanzen and 4 own EPs on Vakant. Amongst others, he also did remixes for Matthias Tanzmann, Onur Özer, Dapayk, Anja Schneider, Daniel Stefanik and Trentemöller. DJing and, later on, the production of electronic music have been his occupation since 1996. With his style of work, Mathias joins those, who refuse to produce and release music excessively. Thus, the necessity to make records that will remain long lasting is one of the guiding motifs of his profession.

    Selected discography

    Discographie EP´s Hemmann & Kaden – Guten Tag EP – Freude am Tanzen 016 Hemmann & Kaden – 2 zu 1 EP – Freude am Tanzen 018 Hemmann & Kaden – Vaganza EP – Freude am Tanzen 021 Mathias Kaden – Circle Pit EP – Vakant 004 Mathias Kaden – Pentaton EP – Vakant 007 Hemmann & Kaden – Tandem EP – Freude am Tanzen 027 Mathias Kaden – Synkope EP – Vakant 011 Mathias Kaden – Myal EP – Vakant 015 Mathias Kaden – Lucidas EP – FAT 035 Mathias Kaden – Moron/Shetani – Vakant 023 Hemmann & Kaden – Karacho/Synchro – Freude am Tanzen 040 Album Mathias Kaden - Studio 10 - Vakant 030 Remixe Anja Schneider – Creaky Thoughts – Pias (Hemmann & Kaden Remix) Adam Kroll – Galopp - Traum (Hemmann & Kaden Remix) Shirakura – Routine Song – Boxer Sport (Hemmann & Kaden Remix) Trentmöller – Serenetti - Tic Tac Toe (Hemmann & Kaden Remix) Douglas Greed – Delicate –Combination (Hemmann & Kaden Remix) Misc – Tanz der Polymere – Sender (Hemmann & Kaden Remix) Rekleiner – The State of Things – Connaisseur Superieur (Hemmann & Kaden Remix) Daniel Stefanik – Window Smasher – Cargo Edition (Mathias Kaden´s Close The Window Remix) Onur Özer – Twilight – Vakant (Mathias Kaden Remix) Dapayk – Warteballmusik – Mosferry Records (Mathias Kaden´s Sprungball Remix) Mathias Schaffhäuser - Life - WIR (Mathias Kaden´s Life is Hypnotic Remix) Pheek – Aye Aya Ashawa – Archipel Records (Mathias Kaden´s Afrika Remix) Micha Klang - Geschichten aus Jemineh – Glückskind Records (Mathias Kaden´s Oh Jemineh Remix) Less - Sans Of - Enliven (Mathias Kaden´s Timeless Remix) Matthias Tanzmann - Rugby - Moonharbour Records (Mathias Kaden´s Penalty Kick Remix) Shonky - Time Zero - Freak & Chic (Mathias Kaden Remix) Decimal - Detected This - Material Series (Mathias Kaden Remix) Terrance Dixon - Radar Below - Children Of Revolution (Mathias Kaden Remix) Noze - You Have To Dance - Get Physical (Mathias Kaden Remixe) Paco Osuna -