• MARMO is an improvisational live-techno collaboration between Christian Duka and Marco Maldarella. Post - Techno // Drone // Noise
    MARMO is a collaboration between Christian Duka and Marco Maldarella, (dis)located in London (UK) and Bologna (IT). MARMO has two parallel outputs: live techno and experimental electronic performances. The duo relies on improvisation to create journeys of mixed feelings - sonic transcript of communications on the emotional narratives behind each respective lives, discussing joys, pains, ecstasy, chaos and love through monolithic grooves, noises, voices and cathartic soundscaping.

    Selected discography

    The Winter Solstice Edition - 12'' - Khemia Records La Via Della Seta - Digital - MARMO (MRM002) 0104 - Digital - MARMO (MRM002) Heavy Metal - Digital - Corresponding Positions