• Marlowe's Bio is as much eclectic as his music. Infact, rather than following a single system, Marlowe's versatile style combines the most actual electronic sounds, to the rhythms generated by multiple musical genres, that has always marked his life. A..
    His debut solo EP, Moonshine Heater, was released on Cadenza last year, and its huge success, show no sign of slowing down in Marlowe's eclectic and unconventional studio skills. Tracks like "Moonshine Heater", "MyMindsMine" and "Power Plant" are a fine example of his trademark bright melodies, refined percussion patterns and aethereal atmospheres; a touch of ethnic grooves and delicate pads bring the listener on a dreamy journey, while subtle synth progressions give these tunes a twisted soulful vibe. Swiss born Marlowe's childhood was an exploration through sound, a young and perhaps subconscious fascination with music in all its genres and moods. Carving his way through metal, hip hop, seventies psychedelia and eventually winding up deep in electronica in his late teens, he soon found himself blessed with a natural talent and passion for electronic production. Feeling inspired by his ever growing love for minimal, techno and house, he formed Digitaline in 2003 after finding artistic partnership in Gregorythyme. The duo's live project has gained worldwide acclaim since its early inception, and shortly after they were snapped up by Luciano’s Cadenza in 2005 to kickstart a solid collection of EPs and an album on his globally recognised label. Going on to release their work on CityFox, Minibar and GS Zurich, Digitaline have been at the forefront of the live circuit playing at the world’s finest electronic institutions and festivals including Panorama Bar, Fabric, Cocoon, Space, DC10, Mutek and Movement (DEMF).