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    "Inviting Mark to play in Berlin for the first time, probably 8 years ago or so… I still remember so vividly how it was a turning point in my life as a DJ and dancer. I got a glimpse into what was possible when passion and knowledge would be such strong forces, that a room becomes one because of both shared energy and musical excitement. I remember so many records he played that night (lots of them became entry points for me for lots of further discoveries and stayed with me as reference points, both musically and contextually, in the sense that I always remembered the way he played them)" - Hunee The disco and house landscape would be very different today if it weren’t for DJ, producer and record dealer Mark Seven. Weren’t aware? That’s OK. Mark is very good at downplaying his salience. Originally from the UK, Mark Seven now bases himself out of Stockholm where he runs the labels Parkway and Parkwest and the online record store Juswax. He travels regularly collecting vinyl and bringing his music to the world’s most discerning dancefloors. Mark Seven’s particular fascination is with the very early house records when flamboyant disco was first emulated with drum machines and other newly available technologies - the dawn of Chicago house and arguably dance music as we now know it. His sets take in proto house, italo, street soul and early garage, and move into soulful, electronic disco and banging house with a finesse that only comes with decades of dedication. Hunee recalls his first time seeing Mark fluidly traversing these styles, as “a turning point in my life as a DJ and dancer”. Mark started the label Parkway in 2010 to highlight the more soulful side of the disco and proto house spectrum, and later followed with Parkwest, which deals in punchier club tracks. His Parkway Mastermixes, a series of online mixes which collate many of Parkway’s releases and other pivotal gems, have been praised by the likes of Gerd Janson, Todd Terje and Prins Thomas amongst others. In recent years many of Mark’s own productions have been turning up in some very reputable hands. In her RA podcast, Eris Drew went old school Mark, weaving the track Sensory Delight, released under the moniker Bizarre Tracks, into her mix. Jamie Tiller selected a cut by Trey Risqué (another Mark Seven pseudonym) feat Nikki - A Night with the Boys for his Dekmantel podcast. Tim Sweeney and CC:DISCO dazzled our eardrums with Parkway Rhythm (whaddayaknow, Mark again) - Working Girl on numerable mixtapes and radio shows. Those are likely not the only tracks Mark has produced which you’ve inadvertently danced to of late. That one The Boss edit? Mark’s. The late legend Boyd Jarvis’ last release? Mark’s. Records by Librah, Apartment 4/4, Azura, MK VII, Spira? All Mark. Hunee was not exaggerating when he called this man an “unsung hero”. Whilst Mark has a slew of heavy hitters dating back decades, his most important tracks are always his most recent. Ari Goldman of the Beautiful Swimmers was so taken by Mark’s track ‘The Fatal Flaw in Disco’, that in 2016 he decided to kickstart his new label World Building by releasing it. The track was championed by Pender Street Steppers, Jen Ferrer, Bradley Zero, Hessle Audio. For many, it became the anthem of the summer. Mark Seven steers clear of the social media rigmarole, quietly going about his business charting musical territory that may otherwise have been forgotten. His record store, Juswax, can’t be found on social media and eschews express checkouts in favor of direct contact with buyers. He’s even been known to send personal typewritten letters along with certain deliveries. There aren’t many out there whose fire burns this bright after 30 years in the game, even fewer who have put the music before themselves throughout as Mark Seven has. Every time he gets behind the decks, it’s something genuinely special. Next time it happens in your town, don’t sleep.

    Selected discography

    Productions / Travelogue E.P. / 12 Inches Of Delight Pillow Talk / Endless Flight My Caesar / People Must Jam Remixes / Al Usher / Lullaby For Robert / Internasjonal Max Essa / Uptown Vibration / Is It Balearic? Mind Fair Presents Sundown Drive / Give It Up / Rogue Cat Sounds DJ Duke presents Freedom / Closer / Local Talk Parkway & Parkwest / Parkway Rhythm / Working Girl / Parkway Parkway Rhythm / Midnite Special / Parkway T-Kut / Let Me Take U / Parkway The Fyre Krew / Hard Times (Break Free) / Parkway Parkway Rhythm / The Answer / Parkway Librah / 2BWU / Parkwest Apartment 4/4 / The Isms / Parkwest Mixes / Salute To The Men Of Vauxhall / LN-CC Compilations / Originals Volume Two / Claremont 56