Marc Antero



  • He firmly believes in House Music! Listening to and LOVING House Music since 1996. Spinnin' tracks since 1999. He will not bow and remains true to himself and the music he loves.
    Experience: In 1999 everything started in Überlingen at the Lake of Constance in the phat! Club of Peter Kaufmann. The second floor was a cozy "living room" with sofas and wallpaper on the wall and an excellent sound system. The parties here were in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Gigs followed in the "Tempel" in Radolfzell, at that time probably the most innovative club at Lake of Constance. Here also played many of the DJs who shaped and motivated him sustainably. This was the starting signal for a wonderful journey that has taken him to many places so far. For example, various clubs at Lake of Constance, where he was resident in "Dome" in Lindau for a long time. Or in the "Rauch Club" in Feldkirch (A) when he was part of the combo "Funk Foundation". To mention is also the participation in three Snowzones (F), where among other places the glacier in Les Deux Alpes was recorded. Not to mention several parties, which he organized together with a friend where he played the warm up for the headliners like Terrence Parker, Jamie Lewis, Ata, .... The djing was interrupted by two baby breaks, only to return motivated afterwards. Telling all the stories would take too long. All stations can be found in the Discography. Influence: Namedropping: Larry Heard, Terrence Parker, MAW, Mood II Swing, Blaze, DJ Spen, Karizma, Kerri “Chaoz” Chandler, Peter Kaufmann, Boris Dlugosch, Ata, Dennis Ferrer, St. Germain, Romanthony, Cajmere, Sandy Rivera Recordstores: DJ Town (KN), Future Jam (FN) Clubs: phat!-Club, Tempel, Dome, Douala, Robert Johnson, Amnesia, Pacha Ibiza, Space, Die Registratur, Harry Klein Musical Direction: House! And to serve the drawers: Classic-, Chicago-, Vocal-, Funky-, Acid-, French-, Filter-, Garage-, Uplifting-, Deep-, Tech-, Latin-, Afro-, Disco-House Own Motivation: In the current jumble of all electronic music and House's different interpretations, he wants to revive and rejuvenate the classic House for his notions. He firmly believes that soulful music can give the dancefloor a wide grin, contentment and exuberant mood.

    Selected discography

    P A S T G I G S INTERNATIONAL: Snowzone 2004 + 2005 + 2006 / Les Deux Alpes (F) Toxic FM / St. Gallen (CH) Snails / Buchs (CH) Metropol Bar / Kreuzlingen (CH) SeaLounge / Kreuzlingen (CH) Rauch Club / Feldkirch (A) Pool Bar / Feldkirch (A) Republic / Salzburg (A) Shiva Lounge / Gaschurn (A) Mühle / Gaschurn (A) Soul the Mountain 2005 / Brand (A) NATIONAL: Rote Sonne / München Palais / München Senatore / München Vertigo / München Kubaschewski / München Pimpernel / München Corleone CC / München Hotel Krone / München Gspusi Bar / München Import Export / München Juliet Rose @ Hilton / München Bar Comercial / München Trisoux / München Weltwirtschaft / München Cu.Bar / München Weisser Pudel / München Rockbox / München China Lounge / Hamburg ZuckerKlub / Hamburg Bernstein Bar / Hamburg Rohtabak / Döbeln Edelpink / Köln Nature One 2002 und 2004 / Kastellaun Liberty One 2002 / bei Ulm Villa 3 / Mannheim Badeanstalt / München Ellert / Nürnberg Trinity / Nördlingen Dome / Lindau Orbit / Lindau Oskar / Singen Halbhuber / Friedrichshafen Parfum / Friedrichshafen Moritz / Wangen Limes-Therme / Aalen W.iz / Aalen Electronism / Ellerazhofen Phat!-Club (Baton Rouge) / Überlingen Tempel / Radolfzell Metro / Friedrichshafen Airport / Friedrichshafen Groove.Jet / Ravensburg Spa Clubgalerie / Ravensburg Douala / Ravensburg RaveParade / Ravensburg Los Hermanos / Ravensburg Tukan / Meersburg Esperanza / Meersburg New Orleans Hörbar / Lindau Dom / Konstanz Siber Bar / Konstanz H6 / Konstanz Steg 4 / Konstanz