• Musician, DJ and experimentalist
    Makeda’s aural, physical and curatorial exploration are part of the artist’s multi-disciplinary practice spanning music, performance/installation works, radio and design. As an artist - she sketches a svelte aural palette. The last few years have seen Makeda’s attention in live performance firmly focused on theatrical site-specific works. These have included J’OUVERT, an exploration of the Trinidadian 4am street festival, which celebrates the slave liberation of 1838, and the invention of the steel pan drum. Another work, PERFORMING FEMININITY, saw Makeda live-streamed onto auditorium walls whilst performing from backstage, while a stand-in performed front of stage - a vivacious, yet delicate exploration on breaking open institutional expectations of sexuality and performance as a woman. Makeda has performed internationally with artists including Umfang, Shyboi, Klein, Aisha Devi, Nkisi, 33EMYBW, and Ross From Friends; and festivals including Dark Mofo, Red Bull Music, Soft Centre and Vivid Live. Her performances have often included wardrobe collaborations - most notably, for rising experimental fashion stars Maroske Peech, of whom Makeda has featured in campaigns and runways. The artist has long been tied to the fashion world, initially studying for her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion, to working at esteemed design-fashion hybrid BLESS (a collaborator of both Margiela and Helmut Lang) in Paris, to her teen side-hustle assisting in casting rooms at fashion week. 2019 saw the release of Makeda’s debut EP ‘Lifetrap’ (Nice Music), a brooding musing on isolation - from her own, as a mixed-race person in white Australia, to that of the unlawful mandatory detention of Refugees and Asylum Seekers on Manus Island. The release has since been remixed by Roza Terenzi and Curl (the project of fellow curly-haired allies Coby Sey, Mica Levi), while in the same period Makeda lent the remix treatment to a diverse range of artists including Ariel Zetina and My Disco. Makeda began her involvement in the music world in her hometown Brisbane, where she has now returned after a long stint in Australia’s arts capital Melbourne. The space, blue sky and sub-tropical weather of Brisbane play strongly into the new ‘Venus Leak’ EP - which distills concepts of intuition, self-realisation and personal growth into a wonky, yet melodically optimistic palette.

    Selected discography

    Lifetrap EP, out April 5 2019 via Nice Music Venus Leak EP out October 29 2021 via Music Company