Based in Split, Croatia, Mateo Jelicic aka Madezh is one of the undisclosed heroes for the underground scene in Split. His career began in 2002 by DJing at clubs and events later to become part of the crew of Underground Control between the years of 2006-2011. In 2013 Mateo changed his stage name to Madezh then spontaneously created a collective with his close friends called "Cruise Split", and played an integral part in restarting a somewhat sleepy scene in Split. With the aim to host DJ's and producers from all over the globe aiming to promote the best from underground house and techno music. Madezh is an open minded DJ whom is constantly evolving and does not solely stick to genres like techno, house, etc… but defines music as what is good and what is bad by leaving it to the emotions of what the crowd is feeling at that certain moment on the dance-floor. You can experience these magical moments the most at the legendary Cruise Split Boat parties when Madezh takes over the booth to delve into deeper frequencies and sounds as the sun begins to rise and glisten over the Adriatic sea. This guy already established himself as a DJ, but is still constantly evolving. Beside residency at Cruise Split, and residency at everyone's all favourite living room " Galerija Bar", he started a new project called "Madezh Invites" where he focus to promote newcomers but also a well known dj's from Croatia. With forthcoming releases on “Residual” and “u.dig” records future looks to be an exciting for an artist who is surrounded by like-minded people.