Ly Sander



  • Running Special place recordings Ly Sander is a long time renowned local talent in the Swiss party scene. He's been recommended by the likes of Ripperton, Luciano, Danny Krivit or DJ Deep.
    Before being a producer, Ly Sander is a natural DJ who started playing over 20 years ago out of his passion for party music, along a timeline spanning from today to the beginning of the 70s, including so called Disco, Deep House, Tech House, etc. He played in numerous venues in Europe and NY, including the Berghain-Panorama Bar in Berlin, legendary Dachkantine and Zukunft in Zurich, the Ambassade in Lyon, Electro Mecanic in Beirut, D! Club and Folklor in Lausanne, Motel Campo and La Gravière in Geneva and many many more, sharing the decks with DJs such as Alex Attias, Alex from Tokyo, Crowdpleaser, Danny Krivit, David De Pino, Dixon, DJ Deep, Efdemin, Hippie Torrales, Kalabrese, Lexx, Manoo, Maurice Fulton, Move D, Nicky Siano, Orpheu The Wizard, Quarion, Till von Sein, Trickski and many more… Ly Sander’s productions usually get their due attention. Among them the hit “Walking Home” and “XYZ” co-produced with Crowdpleaser on Drumpoet Community and licensed on multiple compilations. Josh Wink played “XYZ” on his BBC 1 essential mix. Ly Sander also produced three EP's with Michael J Collins, the first on UK label Electric Minds, the second released on Cadenza artist Gregorythm (Digitaline) own label Raoul and the third on Ly Sander's own imprint Special place recordings. As to highlights, Ly Sander held the incredibly successful New York Disco Club (NYDC) party in Geneva since from 2002 to 2010. The party aimed to recreate the vibe and musical program of New York’s underground clubs of the end 70’s beginning 80’s. Ly Sander took care of everything, from designing flyers, setting up decoration and… playing ! It was an immediate success, although this type of music was then unknown to the crowd. Every month, between 400 and 700 people would pack in the Bout du Monde club which only had a capacity of 250 and it was wild! Ly Sander would play alone with occasional special guests, among which Danny Krivit from New York’s fame Body & Soul party with whom he has played about 15 times all in all, in Switzerland and abroad. Other guests have included Hippie Torrales, Zanzibar’s original DJ, Maurice Fulton. David Morales also offered to jump on a low cost and come and play some classics for a ridiculously low fee. David DePino, from the Paradise Garage, the only other resident besides Larry Levan came upon Danny Krivit’s recommendation and did his first international appearance in 5 years at New York Disco Club party after refusing to play at clubs such as Yello in Tokyo for instance. David DePino displayed his joyful character by cutting the music in the middle of tracks to sing the lyrics aloud without even having a microphone. This is only one of the incredible experiences Ly Sander has lived through more than 20 years behind the decks. For instance Mel Cheren (R.I.P.), the owner of West End Records and financial backer of the Paradise Garage invited Ly Sander for Thanksgiving to his little gathering in his house, where the original Paradise Garage sign is displayed and the ashes of the late Larry Levan were carefully kept. Another fond memory is when Ly Sander played for the last time at New York Disco Club's first venue and that after the last track, the crowd refused to leave the room and yelled continuously for 40 minutes throwing at him the 400+ flower decoration before finally unhooking the mirror ball to offer him as a trophy, which obviously made everyone even wilder...

    Selected discography

    Ly Sander feat. Jules Etienne "Lay Down" feat. Ripperton rmx, Special place recordings, 2019 Ly Sander & Michael J Collins "Last Call EP", Special place recordings, 2019 Larytta "Revolution 10" (Ly Sander Rmx), Creaked Records, 2015 Ly Sander & Moyo "Sweet & Sour" / "Security Check" including St-Plomb remix and Demetrio Giannice/Crowdpleaser remix, Enterbt records, 2014 Dadaglobal "Hermann von Klatten" (Ly Sander Remix), Nice Try Rec, 2013 Ly Sander & Michael J Collins "Russian Roulette" / "No Response" including Deep Space Orchestra remix, Raoul Records, 2012 Ly Sander & Michael J Collins "You Were There" EP, Electric Minds, 2010 Ly Sander "Endless Night", Konsequenz, 2009 Crowdpleaser & Ly Sander "Walking Home EP", Drumpoet Community, 2009 Crowdpleaser & Ly Sander "Jupiter", Deeply Rooted House, 2007 Crowdpleaser & Ly Sander "Bad Monkey / No Sand", Mental Groove 2006