• Vinyls lover and defender, passionate dj, underground music producer, audio engineer, analogue cop.
    Domenico Cipriani has been releasing  raw minimalist dance music for more than a decade. With his many monikers and groups he has released more than 100 vinyls and toured the most infamous European clubs. His label Restoration (co-founded with Marieu) has played an active role in the vinyl resurgence of the late 2000. After his graduation at the S.A.E. Institute of Barcelona, he has further developed his research on social semiotic with an M.A. in Linguistics at the University of Padova, focusing on an evolutionary approach to explaining language change. He has discovered Symbolic Sound Kyma in 2016. Since then he has participated every year to the Kyma International Sound Symposium, deepening the interconnection between Kyma and p5.js, becoming an expert of the Open Sound Control protocol.

    Selected discography

    as LUCRETIO: The Lisbon Treaty Paramount City Records - 03/2017 Classiq Crime City Disco - 10/2016 Tempesta di Valvole (with Francesco Devincenti) PicNic34 - 01/2016 The Last Dungeon Machines State Polymers - 04/2015 Île de la tour Machines State Polymers - 05/2014 Monster Town Machines State Polymers -11/2013 Competing Motivations Warm Sounds - 04/2013 COPRODUCTIONS Appointment It's time to decide Appointment - 09/2013 Parassela (featuring Pariah) Home Alone EP Restoration Records - 06/2013 Various Artists The Sound of Brenta Vol.1 Muscle Records - 06/2013 The Analogue Cops Party to dance EP Fragil Musique - 06/2013 Appointment Appointment Live Act Appointment - 05/2013 Bratha 001 Bratha- 04/2013 The Analogue Cops Heavy Hands – Album RSTLP002 - 03/2013 Durant The Dove Ultimatum Vae Victis Music - 02/2013 Vape/Vulcano Vape/Vulcano Muscle Records - 02/2013 The Analogue Cops, Ryan Elliott, Alex Picone Five - EP Bass Culture Records BCR029 - 01/2013 Parassela 
Label Nightmares
 Vae Victis - 11/2012 Appointment Les Appointment Royale Appointment - 11/2012 Hands Up Unattractive/Rap in the air MUS Records - 09/2012 Riviera S.R.11 EP Muscle Records - 09/2012 Hands Up Alien/Talk Good Hands Up - 07/2012 Appointment Reunion E.P. APP006 Appointment Records - 06/2012 Parassela Parassela 001 Parassela Records - 03/2012 Third Side Unified Fields (Album) Restoration Records - 01/2012 The Analogue Cops The Purple E.P. Out-Er Recordings 003 - 12/2011 Appointment Reconstruction E.P. APP005 Appointment Records - 09/2011 The Analogue Cops Big Family E.P. Restoration Records - 09/2011 The Analogue Cops Cursory E.P. Vae Victis Records - 09/2011 The Analogue Cops Delta City E.P. (as OCP) Aim Recordings - 08/2011 Third Side meets nd_Baumecker Retro Vogue Restoration Records - 06/2011 Appointment To Raw for You E.P. APP004 Appointment Records - 05/2011 The Analogue Cops Manola E.P. Restoration Records 012 - 02/2011 Xenogears a.k.a.The Analogue Cops 72 bridges E.P. Tabernacle Records 003 - 01/2011 Appointment Evolutionary Noise EP APP003 Appointment Records - 11/2010 Third Side/Marieu Amber EP Restoration Records - 10/2010 Appointment Reel to Real EP APP002 Appointment Records - 08/2010 Third Side Nyx EP Restoration Records - 06/2010 Appointment Revolutionary Approach E.P. APP001 Appointment Records - 06/2010 The Analogue Cops Neukölln E.P. Sabotage Recordings - 05/2010 The Analogue Cops/Marieu Butsu E.P. Restoration Records - 01/2010 The Analogue Cops/Marieu Captain Power E.P. Restoration Records 008 - 09/2009 The Analogue Cops/Marieu Sykon E.P. Restoration Records 007 - 06/2009 The Analogue Cops/Marieu Pay The Toll E.P. Restoration Records 006 - 04/2009 The Analogue Cops/Marieu One Touch And Run E.P. Restoration Records 005 - 01/2009 The Analogue Cops/Marieu Analogue Planet E.P. Restoration Records 004 - 10/2008 Xenogears a.k.a. The Analogue Cops/Marieu Resistance On My Mind E.P. Restoration Records 003 - 07/2008 Xenogears a.k.a. The Analogue Cops Don't You Know E.P. Restoration Records 002 - 02/2008 Xenogears a.k.a. The Analogue Cops First Mission E.P Restoration Records 001 - 10/2007 Harvesting E.P. Machines State Polymers - 10/2012 Broadside E.P. Machines State Polymers - 11/2011 Range Gate E.P. Machines State Polymers - 02/2011