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  • Luc Mast (1990) spends seven days a week at De School, but when there’s a free moment he enjoys playing mp3s at likeminded clubs too.
    Booking information[email protected]

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Past events

  • RA Pick
    • Sat, 8 Feb 2020

      Het Weekend 08.02 – 10.02

      Hieroglyphic Being, Pariah, Elias Mazian, Somewhen, Luc Mast, Russell E.L. Butler, Mairo Nawaz, Grand River, Nazira, AceMo, Sybil, Merel Rhizoom
      Another eclectic dance weekend at De School. Be sure to catch Grand River, Hieroglyphic Being and Russel E.L. Butler on the overall strong bill.

    RA Pick
    • Sat, 7 Dec 2019

      Resident Advisor | twenty four/seven London

      Fabio, Leif, Mala, El-B, Dan Beaumont, DJ Flight, Objekt, Elias Mazian, PLO Man, Blasha & Allatt, Mantra, Luc Mast, DEBONAIR, Gideön, Elena Colombi, 2 Bad Mice, DJ Bus Replacement Service, Sybil, LYZZA, Simkin, JAY, SHERELLE, Double O, Tayls, India Jordan, HMT Hard Cru
      For the first-ever London edition of twenty four/seven, we've brought together a lineup that's a love letter to UK rave and London club culture. Come down to FOLD to take part in a 24-hour multi-faceted event. Across the venue's never-seen-before spaces, you can sit in on a panel discussion, broaden your knowledge in workshops, stumble upon secret raves and much more. Get stuck in.