Loud Neighbor



  • Loud Neighbor started off as just that, a loud neighbor. What appeared to be a normal, family residence in Buenos Aires was in fact the source of rumbling bass, squelching synthesizers, manic voices and banging beats that poured into the streets.
    Formed in 2009, Loud Neighbor has had many homes, Buenos Aires, Madrid, Brooklyn and now Berlin. This nomadic lifestyle and exposure to different scenes influenced their sound, always in the realm of techno, always evolving, always live. On February 21st their second album, Interference Pattern comes to planet Earth on Detroit Underground. With a strict improvisational hardware only way of doing things, LN approached the production of Interference Pattern the same way as their live performance. The result is wide-ranging collection of electronic sounds, dense atmospheres and broken beats that evoke the past while aiming to the future. Inspired by the Holographic Principle, Interference Pattern reflects over the limits of human perception, both in sound and vision. Take a closer look at order. For booking requests email [email protected]

    Selected discography

    DETUND LTD 29 Interference Pattern DRSS 40007 Only acid can set me free remix GK Life is a dancer remix PGR Oneanother remix POOL028 Exposed PGR Aibinbad remix AM015 Modular City remix PI008 El Cartón remix NOSI Limited Goodbye S4 remix KRK005 Hate remix NOSI 439 Shout remix WT01 The Fellonship WT02 Tacotalk WT03 Escape Control - digital album WT04 Escape Control WT05 Español WT06 Train Daddy WT07 Sandfly WT08 Escape Control remixed APP01 Muy Boku remix PW003 Atomic Rain remix PHSE003 Riverwide remix EYE182 Electric Sunshine remix TTWT01 New Hope TTWT02 Slutstamp TTWT03 Property Value TTWT04 Hello