Leon Licht



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    In his ten years as a DJ, Leon Licht has become an all-round DJ and a chameleon of sorts. Being knee deep into Berlin’s pulsating nightlife and his full dedication to the craft have cemented his way to the top. Growing a dedicated following and earning a reputation of delivering energetic vibes. First and foremost stands his ability to adapt his style to a particular mood, place and time. Keeping both ears open for current sounds and trends. But always staying true to his inner rave spirit and matching the energy of his audience. Be it the kind of organic tech-house that sounds like tennis balls being served, fury techno for peak time or a warm blanket of sounds for after-hours. As a lovechild of Berlin, Leon Licht’s interest for electronic music came through listening to music from 90’s Loveparade compilations and the days of MTV. His early interest and the abundance of nightlife in Berlin made for ideal conditions for his roots in rave to grow. Hanging out from Monday to Sunday in clubs grew the appetite to contribute to the scene himself. Meeting like minded people and absorbing every inch of nightlife along the way. These days he can be found touring all over Europe, but is always eager to return home to Berlin. Where he regularly plays Ritter Butzke, Kater Blau, Watergate and his ever evolving residency in Sisyphos. Where he gets hordes of people into the groove and delivers his versatile array of flavours on any floor. A with a steady stream of gigs lined up, he shows no signs of taming down his relentless hunger of being part of nightlife.