Lee Coombs



  • Lee Coombs first started DJ'ing in 1989 at acid house parties in and around Cambridge and London. He quickly built up a following and name for himself and was soon a resident at the infamous Eclipse raves.
    "If this show had an in-house orchestra, it would be LEE COOMBS", Pete Tong, Essential show, Radio One. (27/10/00) Lee Coombs first started DJ¹ing in 1989 at acid house parties in and around Cambridge and London. He quickly built up a following and name for himself and was soon a resident at the infamous Eclipse raves. He produced his first record in 1991 under the name of The Invisible Men on Orbital Records, and this was just the beginning. He went on to run his own labels Paradise Recordings, Pumpin Vinyl and the now much talked about Zoid and Thrust series as well as an outing as The Frog Junkies. Under his real name Lee Coombs he has recorded the most excellent Sky Juice and Intensity for Finger Lickin' and then his monstrous follow up single Future Sound of Retro, a firm favourite with Radio One's Pete Tong (it was included on his Essential Selection Spring 2000 CD). It was played on Radio One¹s Essential selection every week for 2 months. In 1998 Lee was drawn to the bright lights of London where he has continued to DJ regularly at all the major clubs including Bugged Out and Fabric as well as under the Finger Lickin' banner all over the U.K and Europe. He has forged his own style of DJing, converging funky deep grooves from electro, breakbeat, house and techno, that is guaranteed to get them moving. He has been busy blowing up dancefloors from Edinburgh to Berlin, from San Francisco to Jersey! After working for Intergroove distribution for years, Lee has now given it up to concentrate on music full-time. When he¹s not locked in his studio he can be found early morning water skiing, or restoring his beloved 1972 Porsche Targa (as seen on Finger Lickin' artwork). His past success with the remix of DJ Technique My Definition for Mob Recordings and his own production Thrust 2 under the pseudonym of Oscar Goldman have seen his profile soar. His talents have brought him remixes from Sister Bliss, New Order, Planet Funk and Spot On, as well as achieving Essential New Tune on Pete Tong for his incredible mix of Quivver. In June 2001 Lee's compilation album Future Sound of Retro was released to critical acclaim. With numerous plays by Pete Tong, Seb and countless others, he was noted as the man to watch. He's now busy DJing all over the world from San Francisco to Jersey, the Finger Lickin' national tour and the 2 Tribes tour of Australia. He has recently done remixes for some really high profile artists such as Lamb and Moby. As far as his own productions go, he is working on exclusive tracks, collaborations with Meat Katie, and reworkings of classics for his album on Perfecto Breaks later this year.

    Selected discography

    The Invisible Men ­ The S Indulge ep (Orbital) The Invisible Men ­ The Over Indulge ep (Orbital) Exodus To Paradise ­ Rockit (Paradise Records) Exodus To Paradise ­ Deep Blue (Paradise Records) Exodus To Paradise ­ Rock It remix (Pumpin Vinyl) Energiser Energy Trax (Pumpin Vinyl) Lee Coombs Feel It (Pumpin Vinyl) The Frog Junkies Air Guitar (Aura Surround Sounds) Lee Coombs Thrust 1 (Thrust) Lee Coombs Thrust 2 (Thrust) Action Jackson Original Action (Thrust) Lee Coombs Skyjuice (Finger Lickin') Lee Coombs Intensity (Finger Lickin') Lee Coombs Future Sound of Retro (Finger Lickin') Lee Coombs Air Guitar II (Finger Lickin') The Freakazoids Attic Futura (Zoid Recordings) The Freakazoids Need Another Beat (Zoid Recordings) The Freakazoids The Freak (Zoid) The Freakazoids Freak and Hustle (Zoid) The Freakazoids Open Your Mind (Zoid Recordings) Oscar Goldman Thrust 2 (Carte Blanche) Lee Coombs Future Sound Of Retro 2001/ Skyjuice remix (Finger Lickin') Lee Coombs Dance To The House/ Thrust 1 remix (Finger Lickin') Remixes DJ Technique My Technique (Mob) Oscar Goldman Thrust 2 (Carte Blanche) De-Phazz The Mambo Craze (Listening Pearls) Freakazoids ­ Freak & Hustle (10 Kilo) Apollo 440 (Reverb) Wildman (Casa Trax) Sunscream ­ Coda (Acetate) Contact ­ Signs of Life (React) Quivver ­ One last time (VC Recordings) Sister Bliss ­ Sister Sister (Multiply) Criminal Element Orchestra ­ Put The Needle On The Record (Zoid) New Order ­ Crystal (London) Jambo Drum Attack (Heat) Planet Funk Inside All The People (VC) Natural Born Grooves Kickback (Spot On) Psychotropic ­ Hypnosis (Chew The Fat) Lamb ­ Sweet (Mercury) Moby ­ Extreme Ways (Mute) Danny Sullivan ­ Snake Chamer (Hooj)