Lea D



  • Leandro Dutra Aka Lea-D Dj/Producer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He start as a dj on 2006 and after a year playing in different citys of his country he starts with international gigs, first on Brazil and then, the rest of South America, his set are..
    Dj / Producer born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, his passion for music began very early age where it passes through different stages over the years. First as a musician in different bands, then recording and producing bands and musicians from different musical styles, and then working himself into his own music being dj and producer. As a producer edited by prestigious labels in the electronic scene such as Proton Records, Baroque Records, Witty Tunes, System Recordings, Spring Tube Records just to name a few. Which led him to play as a DJ at countless events both at home and abroad. Demonstrating handle the dance floor with great efficiency and making its mark on every gig he has played. His music is also played by big names in the global electronic scene as Hernan Cattaneo, Eelke Kleijn, Derek Howell, Randall Jones, Ricky Ryan and the list goes on. His sets can be heard every week on his radio show called Global Frequencies emitted from Los Angeles (USA) by Beatlounge Radio. His style can be defined as a fine blend which meet and fuse the Deep house and techno, with a strong melodic charge, intense rhythmic and warm at the same time, along with hypnotic sounds and loops.

    Selected discography

    Singles: Lea D - Landscape (Original Mix) [Bellarine Recordings Autralia] Lea D - Eternal Sunshine (Original Mix) [Bellarine Recordings] Lea D - Super Nova (Original Mix) [Bellarine Recordings] Lea D - BioParadise (Original Mix) [Bellarine Recordings] Lea D - Infinite Ways (Original Mix) [Xela Digital] Lea D – Surge Groove (Original Mix) [System Recordings] Lea D – Urban Soul (Original Mix) [System Recordings] Lea D – We Play (Original Mix) [Proton Ltd.] Lea D – Mighty Peanuts (Original Mix) [Proton Ltd.] Lea D – The Original Sin (Original Mix) [Brown Eyed Boyz Records] Lea D – Indigo Girl (Original Mix) [Brown Eyed Boyz Records] Lea D – My Destiny (Original Mix) [Mirabilis] Lea D – Perception Of Surface (Original Mix) [Sweet Cherry Music] Lea D – Legos (Original Mix) [Red Session Records] Lea D – Unique (Original Mix) [Low Battery Recordings] Lea D – Belen (Original Mix) [Low Battery Recordings] Lea D – Rising Moon (Original Mix) [Spirit Soul Music] Lea D – Disco 3000 (Original Mix) [In Deep Records] Remixes: Lesvicon Soul feat Drag Lolita - Forget the Future (Lea D Forget My Pass Mix) [Xela Digital] Sancho & E-lation - Sensual Delights (Lea D Sensual Deelays Remix) [Bit Records Mexico] Cristian Paduraru - Laight of Darkness (Lea D remix) [Bit Records Mexico] Koolture - Good for You (Lea D remix) [Bit Records Mexico] Curtis & Dakota - Dancing in The Darkness (Lea D remix) [Bit Rrecords Mexico] Ladies on Mars - We Are Not Lesvicon - (Lea D remix) [Bit Records Mexico] Sygma Vs DjSpenny - GetDown (Lea D Remix) [Antibe Music Italy] Lesvicon Soul - The One in Dub (Lea D The One in Light Remix) Jeff Andvik - Deep Down (Lea D Remix) [Atlant Digital] Mannover – Galaxia (Lea D Remix) [Atlant Digital] Lea-D – Infinite Ways (Lea D Remix) [Bit Records Mexico] Sheeple and Electrobios – Map Quest (Lea D Remix) [Witty Tunes] Critian Gandini – Unagi Roll (Lea D Remix) [Bit Records Mexico] Meleodic - A Sad Day (Lea D Remix) [Atlant Digital] Fletch & Desyfer pres. Sundogs - Primary Key (Lea D Remix) [Brown Eyed Boyz Records] Urban Absolutes – Sunbath On Venus (Lea D Remix) [In Deep Records] Ladies On Mars feat. Koolture – Living Out There (Lea D Remix) [Xela Digital] Future Releases: Vinyl Dharma - A Life Empty of Meaning (Lea D Remix) [Cromarti Records] DJ Dalysovich - Sweet Sensation (Lea D Remix) [Red Session Records] Ladies On Mars – Ionograma (Lea D Remix) [Definition Records] Marcelo Nassi – Holding Me (Lea D Remix) [Tokio Red Recordings] Lea D – Nowhere (Original Mix) Lea D – Nu Breed (Original Mix) Lea D – Cygnus (Original Mix)