• Musician & Sound Engineer based in Vienna. Originally from Mexico & studied in New York City. I am called LDY OSC because of my love for synthesizers, electronics and oscillated orgasms.
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Past events

    • Fri, 26 Mar

      Going In on The Bunker Stream

      Juan Maclean, Ryan Crosson, DJ Olive, Mareena, Jo Johnson, Carlos Souffront, Rrose, Bryan Kasenic, Clay Wilson, Gunnar Haslam, Leisure Muffin, Antenes, ACE, Further Reductions, M. Geddes Gengras, rrao, Abby Echiverri, JakoJako, LDY OSC, Christina Wheeler, Gee Dee, Hypnotic Spa, Pulse Emitter, Carl Ritger

    RA Pick
    • Fri, 17 Apr 2020

      Mysteries Of The Deep – 9128.Live Weekend Takeover

      Brendon Moeller, Eric Cloutier, Radere, Garçon, Christina Chatfield, JD Harrington, Erika, Israel Vines, Safety Scissors, Clay Wilson, Ario, Certain Creatures, Løt.te, Agonis, Borne (US), Chris Miller, Birds of Prey, Ken Meier, Further Reductions, Nathaniel Young, William Selman, Grant Aaron, rrao, Hi-Vis, Abby Echiverri, LDY OSC, Michael Brunner, Chaperone, Taylor Bratches, Xexyz, Warren Mark Way
      This is a festival strength lineup of ambient, experimental and leftfield producers put on by the New York label. It's hard to pick out highlights, but there's enough here to keep you glued in and zoned out for the whole weekend.