• LCC
    updated profile: Active from 2010 to 2018, LCC were the electronic duo formed by Ana Quiroga and Uge Pañeda. After a prolific career performing and releasing independently, in 2014, they released their first LP d/evolution on the prestigious label Editions Mego. In 2017, LCC repeated with Mego, releasing their second album, Bastet. LCC also designed and produced sound for films, a/v shows, mixed performances and video installations. They performed internationally at renowned events and festivals, including Barbican London, Berlin Atonal, Sónar, Mutec Mx, Norberg and L.E.V., among others. They also collaborated with art centers as CCCB Barcelona, LABoral, SAT Montreal and Lieu Multiple Lyon. Currently, Uge and Ana have continued their music careers as solo as OKKRE and NWRMNTC, respectively.

    Selected discography

    RELEASES Bastet | Editions Mego (2017) d/evolution remixed EP | Editions Mego (2015) d/evolution | Editions Mego (2014) Polar Bears are Coming | Irregular (2012) V/A Ritual Rhythms | Modern Obscure Music (2016) When suddenly the Ground shakes… | comfortzone (2015)