Lazo (HR)



  • Turntables, synthesizers, drum machines and samplers!!!
    Turntables, synthesizers, drum machines and samplers!!! Turntables, synthesizers and drum machines and samplers formed Lazo as an artist who is performing live acts or burning the dancefloors with DJ sets since 2000. After a successful collaboration with Luka Cipek on various projects including “Luka&Lazo” they have made their alter ego “Jedi Jet”. Their surprising debut “Fat Mama Roks EP” came out in autumn 2004 on Berlin based record label Mo’s Ferry Productions. The productions is a mixture of sample snippets, snotty clicks and crazy arrangements, based on fat and raw beats. Lazo also made releases on record labels like Mo's Ferry Productions, Archipel, Sthlmaudio recordings, Leftroom and played at the venues such as Kater Blau, Sisyphos, Watergate, Salon zur wilde Renate, Planeten und Blumen, Golden Pudel, Südpol Hamburg, Die Registratur, Distillery, Weetamix, K4, Masters, Sirup, Sound Factory, Tunel and many more.

    Selected discography

    Various Artists - 4on10 (Mo's Ferry Prod. ) 2004. Luka & Lazo - Fat Mama Roks E.P. (Mo's Ferry Prod. ) 2005. Luka & Lazo - MidEvil Disko E.P. (Mo's Ferry Prod. ) 2005. Various Artists - The Extended Family EP (Leftroom) 2005. Luka & Lazo - Incoming (Sthlmaudio Recordings) 2006. SozAdams / Luka & Lazo - Tahiti Excursion Joint 2 (Archipel) 2007. Luka & Lazo - Dust No.4 (Mo's Ferry Prod.) 2007. Luka & Lazo - Nonzero Return (Mo's Ferry Prod.) 2007. Various Artists - 25 (Mo's Ferry Prod.) 2007. Luka & Lazo - Last Minute E.P (beaTMind) 2009. Luka & Lazo - Nanoburguer E.P (beaTMind) 2009. Luka & Lazo - Last Minute E.P Part II (beaTMind) 2009. Jedi Jet - Dopamina E.P. (Mo's Ferry Prod.) 2010. Jedi Jet - Little Things ‎(Mo's Ferry Prod. ) 2012. Jedi Jet - Two Side Story (Mo's Ferry Prod.) 2013. Jedi Jet - Little Things Remixes (Mo's Ferry Prod.) 2013.