Koen Groeneveld



  • Known from Beatport #1's "Wake Turbulence" and his collab with Fatboy Slim "Rockafeller Skank". Founder of the imprint Abzolut. Producing and remixing for Toolroom, Size, 1605, BluFin, Bosphorus Underground and many more. DJ-ing @ Toolroom Knights i..
    DJ booking inquiries: [email protected] www.koengroeneveld.com www.twitter.com/koengroeneveld http://www.facebook.com/pages/Koen-Groeneveld/117325454948158?created www.soundcloud.com/koengroeneveld www.youtube.com/koengroeneveld http://dj.beatport.com/koengroeneveld www.linkedin.com/koengroeneveld www.myspace.com/koengroeneveld www.koen-groeneveld.hyves.nl www.ilike.com/artist/Koen+Groeneveld KOEN GROENEVELD BIOGRAPHY Update January, 2012 After two #1’s and several Top 10 hits on the worlds most famous download portal Beatport and numerous groundbreaking gigs in and on the world’s greatest clubs and festivals, Koen Groeneveld has become a yet still rising and respected name in today’s Electronic music and DJ scene. His unique and dynamic sound consists elements of Techno, Tech House, House and Minimal. When DJ-ing, Koen drops a refreshing and powerful crowd pleasing DJ set based on these genres.. Koen launched the label _aBZoluT. in Spring of 2008. One of his first releases “Wake Turbulence” peaked at #1, both in the Beatport overall Top 100 and in their Techno Top 100 in July 2008. “Wake Turbulence” ended up being number 3 in the Beatport Techno Top 10 of 2008 and was nominated as “Best Techno Track 2008” at the Beatport Music Awards 2009 ! Koen operates, besides on his aBZoluT. imprint, on a wide range of leading labels like Toolroom Records, Size, 1605, Bosphorus Underground and BluFin. The man’s biggest success till date though, came when Toolroom Records released Fatboy Slim V Koen Groeneveld “Rockafeller Skank”. The track skyrocketed to the #1 spot on Beatport’s overall chart in March 2009. Koen delivered a bunch of epic remixes for the likes of a.o. Umek, Spektre, Tocadisco, Lutzenkirchen, Sander van Doorn Vs. Marco V, David Guetta, Blank & Jones, Age of Love, Ferry Corsten’s System F, Robbie Rivera, EDX & Daniel Portman, Noir, Yello and of course his Beatport Techno chart #1 “Plastic Dreams” by Jaydee in the Summer of 2011! Under the Monikers KG, Bruce Alba and Neo-K Koen drops tracks a little bit more experimental compared to his usual stuff. Collabs with Mark Knight (“Put Your Hands Up”), Ahmet Sendil (“Flaps 128”) and Tocadisco (“Techno Logical World”) pushed our Tech don higher on the ladder of the electronic dance music world in 2009. Early 2010 Koen ended up at #7, voted out of hundreds of DJ’s, in the House Planet DJ Poll 2009. “Air Breaks” , a disco influenced Tech House gem, released on Toolroom Records peaked @ #1 in Beatport’s Tech House Top 10 and @ #5 in the overall chart in June 2010. Together with Addy van der Zwan (Koen’s musical partner since the stone age) he launched a series of Disco-ish Tech House 2 track E.P.’s entiled “Disko Tek” which are being released on his _aBZoluT. imprint “Gotta Move”, “Do It Do It” and “Wheep!” dominated the Beatport charts in 2010 and 2011! Koen has been spending quite a few hours in the lab with another close but highly talented friend: DJ / producer Arturo Silvestre. Together they’ve been dropping a hand full of releases in 2010 and 2011 on Abzolut, 1605 and BluFin. Mr. Beatport… ehhh… Mr. Groeneveld has been DJ-ing all around the world the past 3 years in a.o. Japan, USA, Brasil, Argentina, UK, Mexico, Poland, Finland, Germany, Turkey, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Canada and of course his home country Holland. He did 6 memorable sets during WMC 2010 in Miami on a.o. Toolroom Knights @ Space and Juicy Beach @ Nikki Beach ! His debut gig on the infamous Awakenings Weekender @ De Gashouder in Amsterdam on October 8 was one of his personal highlights of 2010. 2011: Gigs in Pacha (Buenos Aires), Pacha (Sao Paulo), several DJ sets in Ministry of Sound (London) during Toolroom Knights and The Gallery events, Toolroom Knights @ Space on the magc Ibiza island and performances at Dutch festivals Dance Valley and Emporium are just a few highlights from Koen’s global tour dates. Keep your seatbelts fastened ‘cause Koen is defo fire!!!

    Selected discography

    Productions: 2008 Seduction _aBZoluT. 2008 Flight E.P. : Wake Turbulence/Pan Pan/Good Flight Gr8 Day _aBZoluT. 2008 Pull Up _aBZoluT. 2008 Go Around _aBZoluT. 2008 Fokker 126 (as Groeneveld & Gelderblom) _aBZoluT. 2009 MIA (as Koen Groeneveld & Addy van der Zwan) _aBZoluT. 2009 Wake Turbulence – The Remixes _aBZoluT. 2009 Rotate (as Ahmet Sendil & Koen Groeneveld) Bosphorus Underground 2009 Rockafeller Skank (as Fatboy Slim V Koen Groeneveld) Toolroom 2009 Fastevil (as van der Zwan, Rehab & Groeneveld) Spinnin’ 2009 LAX (as Koen Groeneveld & Addy van der Zwan) _aBZoluT. 2009 Flaps 128 (as Koen Groeneveld & Ahmet Sendil) _aBZoluT. 2009 Cities E.P. (as koen Groeneveld & R3hab) _aBZoluT. 2009 Beats Is A Booming / Sauerkraut Sandwich (as Dutch Basterds) _aBZolut. 2009 Microburst E.P. : Microburst / Stalled Toolroom 2009 Put Your Hands Up (as Mark Knight V Koen Groeneveld) Toolroom 2010 1981 _aBZoluT. 2010 Fly-By-Wire _aBZoluT. 2010 Disco Tek E.P. “Diddo” / “Disko Tek” (as Koen Groeneveld & Addy van der Zwan) _aBZoluT. 2010 Istandam (as Ahmet Sendil, Koen Groeneveld & R3hab) Bosphorus Underground 2010 Techno Logical World (as Tocadisco & Koen Groeneveld) Superstar 2010 Air Breaks (on Toolroom Records Ibiza 2010 Vol.1) Toolroom 2010 The Unreleased Flights Vol.1 (ao Stick Shaker/Smoke In The Cabin) _aBZoluT. 2010 The Unreleased Flights Vol.2 (ao Vortices/Cumunolimbus) _aBZoluT. 2010 Disko Tek E.P. 2 a.o. “Gotta Move” (as Koen Groeneveld & Addy van der Zwan) _aBZoluT. 2010 Slats (as Koen Groeneveld & Addy van der Zwan) (on TR Ibiza 2010 Vol.2) Toolroom 2010 Rudder (on TR Ibiza 2010 Vol.2) Toolroom 2010 Disco Tek E.P. 3 a.o. “Do It Do It” (as Koen Groeneveld & Addy van der Zwan _aBZoluT. 2010 Kilo Golf _aBZoluT. 2010 CVR (on Toolroom Amsterdam 2010) Toolroom 2010 Klababber E.P. “Klababber” / “Snek” (as Koen Groeneveld & Arturo Silvestre) _aBZoluT 2010 Dordogne E.P. “Dordogne” / “Agonac” (as Koen Groeneveld & Arturo Silvestre) BluFin 2010 Disco Tek L.P. a.o. “Morolando” (as Koen Groeneveld & Addy van der Zwan) _aBZoluT. 2011 Turboprop (as Koen Groeneveld & Ahmet Sendil) _aBZoluT. 2011 Minimums (on Toolroom Records Miami 2011) _aBZoluT. 2011 Slides E.P. “Slides” / “Tormenta Electronica” / “Yaw Damper” Size 2011 Sjoroem (as Koen Groeneveld & Arturo Silvestre) 1605 2011 Turbulence In 1981 _aBZoluT. 2011 Layer (as Koen Groeneveld & Addy van der Zwan) (on Turbulent Tunes 2011 Vol.1) _aBZoluT. 2011 Sigmet (on Turbulent Tunes 2011 Vol.1) _ aBZoluT. 2011 Dreamliner (on Turbulent Tunes 2011 Vol.1) _aBZoluT. 2011 Gecko (as Quentin Rodriguez Vs. Koen Groeneveld) (on Turbulent Tunes 2011 Vol.1) _ aBZoluT. 2011 V1 (on Toolroom records Ibiza 2011 Vol.1) Toolroom 2011 Savaneta E.P. “Savaneta” / “Klopt” (as Arturo Silvestre & Koen Groeneveld) BluFin 2011 Airbuzz _ aBZoluT 2011 Disko Tek E.P. 4 a.o. “Wheep!” (as Koen Groeneveld & Addy van der Zwan) _aBZoluT 2011 Istanbul E.P. “Pumkir” / “Bekab” / “Lakbava” Bosphorus Underground 2011 Ditsjz (on Toolroom Records Amsterdam 2011) Toolroom 2011 Disko tek E.P. 5 (Keep On / Retromatic) (as Koen Groeneveld & Addy van der Zwan) _aBZoluT 2011 The Unreleased Flights Vol.3 (Dreamliner – Re-Edit / 35K Feet / Klinknagel) _aBZoluT. 2012 Airbuzz – The Remixes Spinnin’ (Co) productions for: 2010 Arturo Silvestre – Gym, Sushi & Wok E.P. _aBZoluT. 2011 Arturo Silvestre – Tonite (on Turbulent Tunes 2011 vol.1) _aBZoluT. 2011 JJMG –Minitek (on Turbulent Tunes 2011 vol.1) _aBZoluT. 2011 JJMG – Do Not Stop _aBZoluT. 2011 Arturo Silvestre – “Staw” / “Spheeer” _aBZoluT. Remixes for: 2008 The Caramel Club - Jumbo Jumbo Fudge 2008 Quentin Rodriguez – MCMXC _aBZoluT. 2008 Chainside – I Would Die For You Liquid 2008 Ragdoll – Soundwave BluFin 2008 Jesse Voorn – Miki _aBZoluT. 2008 Mark Trophy – Ripper Toolroom 2008 Dataworx – Control Dataworx Digital 2009 Paul Nazca & Leslie K – Mistral B Confused 2009 Egostereo – Kepler Toca 45 2009 Mario Ochoa – Twisted _aBZoluT. 2009 Sander van Doorn & Marco V – What Say? Doorn 2009 Alex Young – Uno Strike 2009 Noir – The Off World Noir Music 2009 Spektre – Hydra WI:V 2009 van der Zwan, Silvestre & Young – Funkybeatz Nasty Tunes 2009 Rehab – Purple Lightsaber _aBZoluT. 2009 Tocadisco – 2 Many Shot Of Jaegermeister Superstar 2009 David Guetta Ft. Akon – Sexy Bitch EMI 2009 Nastitek – Tek Proof Dirty Dutch 2009 Marc De Pulse – El Lobo Loco BluFin 2009 Uppermost - Clipped Bazooka 2010 Ferry Corsten Pres. System F – Out Of the Blue 2010 Flashover 2010 Yello – Vicious Games Tiger 2010 Lutzenkirchen – Phuture Disco Vibes Great Stuff 2010 TDR – Squelch Doorn 2010 Neo-K – One Dos 3 Cuatro _aBZoluT. 2010 Umek – Responding To Dynamic 1605 2010 J Quintel & Manufactured Superstars - Haste Blu Music 2010 Dero & Rivera - Batacuda Juicy Music 2010 Addy van der Zwan – Big Fith Nasty Tunes 2010 Age Of Love - The Age Of Love 2010 Roxy 2010 Blank & Jones – People Are Still Having Sex Soundcolours 2010 A Balter – Beans Digital Structures 2010 Hi_Tack – Say Say Say (Waiting 4 U) 2010 Spinnin 2010 Bruce Alba & Neo-K – Sartana _aBZoluT. 2011 Stars On 45 – Stars On 45 Spinnin’ 2011 Flippers Vs. DJ Slater Feat. U-Prag – King Of The Night Tribal Vision 2011 DJ PP – House Of Love Vendetta 2011 Christian Cambas Vs. PHNTM – Window Pain BluFin 2011 Robbie Rivera – The Sound Of The Times Juicy Music 2011 Melleefresh Vs. SpekrFreks – Damelo Play Digital 2011 Jaydee – Plastic Dreams 2011 Spinnin’ 2011 JJMG – Do Not Stop _aBZoluT. 2011 Andera Mattioli & Danilo Cris – Stylosophy Diva Records 2011 Da Fresh & Alex Milennium – Unlimited Pleasure Freshin 2011 Morten Breum – Never Surrender Discowaxx 2011 KG – Club In Smoke Tune _aBZoluT. 2011 Koen Groeneveld – Dreamliner _aBZoluT. 2011 Andrew Bennet – The Orange Theme Spinnin’ 2012 Alex Di Stefano – Phase One 2012 Coll Selini Feat. Paul Harris – Essential Love Yoshitoshi Recordings 2012 Radion 6 – Black Jack Spinnin’ 2012 Stefano Noferini – My Forbidden Game 2012 PIMP!E – Deeper Speaker 2012 Silvio Ecomo - No Dip 2012 Hithouse, Addy van der Zwan, Jerry Beke – Jack To The Sound Of The Underground Spinnin’ 2012 Koen Groeneveld – Airbuzz Spinnin’ 2012 D-Nox & Becker – Jet Lag Slave Baroque Productions as KG: 2009 Polderbaan (Schiphol E.P.) _aBZoluT. 2009 Zwanenburgbaan (Schiphol E.P.) _aBZoluT. 2009 Kaagbaan (Schiphol E.P.) _aBZoluT. 2009 Aalsmeerbaan (Schiphol E.P.) _aBZoluT. 2010 Buitenveldertbaan (Schiphol E.P. 2) _aBZoluT. 2010 Oostbaan (Schiphol E.P. 2) _aBZoluT. 2011 Zestienhoven (on Turbulent Tunes 2011 Vol.1) _aBZoluT. 2011 Fuhlsbuttel (on Turbulent Tunes 2011 Vol.1) _aBZoluT. 2011 Club In Smoke Tune _aBZoluT. Remixes as KG for: 2009 Jon Rundelll – Atmosphere _aBZoluT. 2011 Jochem Hamerling - Wrecked _aBZoluT. Remixes as Koen Groeneveld & Addy van der Zwan for: 2012 Starkillers - Discoteka Spinnin' Productions as Neo-K: 2010 One Dos 3 Cuatro (One Dos 3 Go E.P.) _aBZoluT. 2010 Letz Go (One Dos 3 Go E.P.) _aBZoluT. Productions as Bruce Alba & Neo-K: Sartana E.P. ao Sartana _aBZoluT. Kunga Bunga (on Turbulent Tunes 2011 Vol.1) _aBZoluT. Remixes as Neo-K for: 2010 Hi_Tack – Say Say Say (Waiting 4 U) 2010 Spinnin Productions as Dutch Basterds: 2009 Beats Is A Boomin / Sauerkraut Sandwich _aBZoluT 2011 The Bear Jap (on Turbulent Tunes 2011 Vol.1 _aBZoluT