Kitty Amor



  • Her musical style differs to many others with her manipulative selections and undeniable skill that leaves great impact to dance floors. With the way she connects with people through sound, Kitty was always destined to be a music supplier.
    Kitty Amor is a DJ, promoter, tastemaker and a passionate representative for the music she plays: Afro-house. As a leading figure within the scene, Kitty has actively spent over ten years fighting for her and her sound to be heard. “If I don’t speak on it and try to advocate change with just my presence, I have a feeling that it will still be missed,” Kitty recently told Beatportal. “You have to use your voice in order to see change.” Kitty Amor heads up her residency club nights Motherland and Sessions, alongside Sef Kombo. She has taken these brands to be established in London as one of the UK’s domains for African electronic music, through their ability to create an immersive experience with sound and visuals. When Mixmag’s Marcus Barnes visited Sessions, he seemed blown away by what he saw and heard. He recognised these events for its “inspiring representation of the diversity of the city’s black community….with its jubilant and celebratory atmosphere“. Promoters who have noticed Kitty’s diverse selections and strong connection with audiences have wound up booking her alongside famed DJs such as Black Coffee, Atjazz, Culoe De Song, DJEFF, Roni Size and Horsemeat Disco. She achieved the bittersweet milestone of becoming the first UK Afro house DJ to play Printworks, one of the UK’s biggest and most popular indoor venues. Kitty has also made a mark internationally. She’s played widely recognised festivals such as Soundwave and Nova Batida, and has dominated stages in Ibiza, Amsterdam, Portugal, Greece and South Africa. In fact, South Africa is a particularly special destination for Kitty. Much of the music she plays comes from SA producers, and there is a close connection between the Afro house scene there and in the UK. In 2019, Kitty became the first woman to perform at Deep In The City, the superlative Johannesburg night curated by Themba and Black Coffee. Undeterred by the temporary closure of the events in 2020, Kitty and Sef, who have long been musical partners, responded to the challenge of Covid-19 by hosting a series of live DJ streams. The streams showed how Kitty and Sef always go the extra mile with their events, playing from eye-catching outdoor locations and moving indoors for an immersive sonic and visual presentation. Despite the global setbacks the music industry has faced, Kitty entered 2021 in strong form fronting the cover of Mixmag with musical partner Sef Kombo. In true spirits of a leader, Kitty and Sef shed more insight into the growing Afro House community and why this sound and its talents are deserving of more attention. Making a huge mark for the Afro House scene in the UK, Kitty accompanied the cover feature with a mammoth set at the well renowned Mixmag Lab LDN. Kitty has a sound that needs to be heard and a story that needs to be told. The hope now is that the world is finally listening.

    Selected discography

    House Es Amor Vol. 1 House Es Amor Vol. 2 House Es Amor Vol. 3 House Es Amor Vol. 4 House Es Amor Vol. 5 House Es Amor Vol. 6 House Es Amor Vol. 7 Appreciation Vol. 1 - Atjazz Appreciation Vol. 2 - Black Coffee DM.Recordings Compilation Vol. 2 - Continuous Mix Curiosity #001 Curiosity #002 Curiosity #003