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    • Thu, 30 Jul 2020

      FIXED Weekender Stream: Kim Ann Foxman, Juan Maclean, Musclecars More

      Juan Maclean, Paul Raffaele, Kim Ann Foxman, Maroje T, JDH, Justin Strauss, Musclecars, Barbie Bertisch, Amourette, Timo Lee, DJ Wawa, Spicy Boys, Tommy Castro, Love Injection, Ben Steidel, Earth Beat
      Good Room is once again a digital hotspot for celebrating NYC's colourful dance floor family. Catch local faves like Kim Ann Foxman, Juan Maclean, Musclecars and Timo Lee as the FIXED crew broadcast from the Brooklyn club from Thursday through to Sunday.

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    • Fri, 26 Jun 2020

      Pride 2020: The Sound of New York

      Mike Servito, Mike Swells, Gooddroid, Honey Dijon, Kim Ann Foxman, Lauren Flax, Jason Kendig, Austin Downey, Kim Anh, Ron Like Hell, MikeQ, The Carry Nation, Sagotsky, Christy Love, Musclecars, JD Samson, DJ Lisa Frank, Ben Manzone, Auspex, TYGAPAW, Occupy The Disco, Justin Cudmore, SPRKLBB, Fatherhood, Rachel Noon, Pure Immanence, JT Almon, Amber Valentine, Word of Command, Quest?onmarc, Dee Diggs, DJ Wawa, Jasmine Infiniti, Adam R, Oscar Nñ, Simisea, THELIMITDOESNOTEXIST
      Honey Dijon doing a tribute set to classic club Sound Factory is just one of an eye-popping amount of highlights on this incredible Pride marathon, where funds raised go to a number of essential queer charities.

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