• Sardinian UK based dj and producer.
    "I make techno therefore I am"

    Selected discography

    (label /ep/title/) Subsensory/Shardana EP/"Circles" Subsensory/Shardana EP/"Shardana" Subsensory/Shardana EP/"Insanity" Plastiq/Bad Deal/"Bad Deal (Kereni's Got The Funk Remix)" Malfunktion/2010/"2010 (Kereni Remix)" RapidFireRecords/Anomaly EP/"Boogeyman" RapidFireRecords/Anomaly EP/"The Man From The Other Side" Plastiq/Manifestation (Remixes)/"Manifestation (Kereni Dark In The Disco Remix)" Plastiq/Invaders/"Invaders (Kereni Remix)" Dark Vibe Productions/Cosmic Journey EP/"Cosmic Journey (Kereni Rework)" Plastiq/Radar/"Radar" Plastiq/Radar/"Radar (88W Remix)" Plastiq/Radar/"Radar (Tosi Remix)" Plastiq/Radar/"Radar (El Diablo Remix)" Gynoid Audio/Distant Sketches EP/"Distant Sketches (Kereni Rework)" Plastiq/Crack Whore/"Crack Whore (Kereni Quick Fix Remix)" Plastiq/Panta Rei/"Panta Rei" Plastiq/Panta Rei/"Panta Rei (Danny Dyer Remix)" Plastiq/Panta Rei/"Panta Rei (Thomas Hessler Afterhour Remix)" Plastiq/Panta Rei/"Lost Soul" Innervate Records/Phantom EP/"Major Bass" Transmissions/Kujma/"Kujma (Kereni Remix)" Triskel Tech Recordings/Subsequence EP/"Subsequence (Kereni Deep Vision Mix)" Backwater Community Recordings/Delirium Tremens/"Delirium Tremens" Backwater Community Recordings/Delirium Tremens/"Delirium Tremens (BCR Boys Remix)" Backwater Community Recordings/Delirium Tremens/"Delirium Tremens (Ideal Flow Remix)" Plastiq/Collision Theory/"Nitroxide" Plastiq/Collision Theory/"Nitroxide (Tosi Remix) Plastiq/Collision Theory/"Da Steep Tool (Kereni Remix) Vindico/Alloy EP/"Alloy" Vindico/Alloy EP/"Osmium" Vindico/Alloy EP/"Alloy (Urbano Remix)" Propellant Music/Raw EP/"Raw 1.0" Propellant Music/Raw EP/"Raw 1.0 (Delko Remix)" Propellant Music/Raw EP/"Raw 2.0" Propellant Music/Raw EP/"Raw 2.0 (Dr Hoffmann & Mars Bill Remix)" Propellant Music/Raw EP/"Raw 2.0 (Adam Jay Remix)" Modifi Music/Minimal Oath/"Minimal Oath (Kereni Remix)" Elektrax/Kibou (Hope) Disc 2/"Kt1" Black Reel/Panic In Detroit/"Panic In Detroit (Kereni Remix)" Elektrax/Spacejunk EP/"Spacejunk (Kereni Remix)" Shout Records/Black Cherry EP/"Black Cherry" Shout Records/Black Cherry EP/"Black Cherry (Delko Remix)" Shout Records/Black Cherry EP/"Black Cherry (Ross Alexander Remix)" Shout Records/Black Cherry EP/"Black Cherry (Wiretap Overdrive Remix)" Shout Records/Black Cherry EP/"Black Cherry (Mas Teeveh 2am Remix)" Shout Records/Black Cherry EP/"Black Cherry (Dacido & Meta Remix)" Shout Records/Black Cherry EP/"Black Cherry (Quantic Spectroscopy Cherry Poppin Remix) Sonntag Morgen/Sonntag Morgen VA/"And Then Sorrow" Propellant Music/Reflections 5.0/"Blank Screen (Kereni Remix)" Shout Records/Amazonestrom EP/"Amazonestrom (Kereni Rework)" Vindico Records/DMZ Korea/"DMZ Korea (Kereni Remix)" Darknet/Panic Disorder EP/"Panic Disorder" Darknet/Panic Disorder EP/"Panic Disorder (Urbano Hypnotic Synth Remix)" Darknet/Panic Disorder EP/"Panic Disorder (Urbano Raw Remix)" Darknet/Panic Disorder EP/"Panic Disorder (Overlook Hotel Remix)" Darknet/Panic Disorder EP/"Recipe For Anxiety" Shout Records/Signal Of Uritorco/"Signal Of Uritorco (Kereni Rework)" Shout Records/Sinister/'Sinister (Kereni Into Your Soul Mix)" Pastiq/Don't Want/"Don't Want (Kereni Dub)" Inmaterial Audio/Concept EP/"And Then There Were None" Archetypes Records/Delphi EP/"Delphi" Archetypes Records/Delphi EP/"Delphi (Marco Asoleda & Roman Kramer Remix)" Archetypes Records/Delphi EP/"Delphi (Peja Remix)" Archetypes Records/Delphi EP/"Delphi (Peja Night Sea Remix)" Voodoo Records/Space Metal EP/"Mind Of Metal (Kereni Remix)" Propellant Music/Signal Path EP/"Signal Path (Part1)" Propellant Music/Signal Path EP/"Signal Path (Part1)(Thomas Hessler Remix)" Propellant Music/Signal Path EP/"Signal Path (Part2)" Afrotek Records/The Last One/"The Last One (Kereni Rework)" Inmaterial Audio/Science EP/"Obscure Science" Inmaterial Audio/Science EP/"Raw Science" Inmaterial Audio/Science EP/"Secret Science" Reaktivate/Osiris/"Osiris" Reaktivate/Osiris/"Horus's Revenge" Reaktivate/Osiris/"Seth's Factory" Reaktivate/Osiris/"Seth's Factory (John Mitchell Meth Lab Mix)" Tono Lomited/Round And Around/"Mechanic's Elements (Kereni Deep Ride Mix)" Mechno Music/Various Artists One/"Grey Patterns" Sonntag Morgen/Sonntag Morgen VA vol.2/"Ellimac" Sonntag Morgen/Sonntag Morgen VA vol.2/"Untitled" Translucent/Ants EP/"Soldier Ants (Kereni Remix)" We Call It Hard Records/Dead Madness EP/"Dead Madness (Kereni Rework)" Plastiq/Silent State/"Silent State (Kereni Reshape)" Reaktivate/Natural Resources/"Natural Resources (Kereni Deep Mover)" Mechno Music/Odem EP/"Odem" Mechno Music/Odem EP/"Odem (Logotech's Innerview)" Mechno Music/Odem EP/"Plateau" Mechno Music/Odem EP/"Plateau (Urbano DTRT Mix) TMMR/Fractured Perspective/"Momentum Deferred" TMMR/Fractured Perspective/"Fractured Perspective" TMMR/Fractured Perspective/"Tempora Mutantur" Amazone/Disclosure/"1st Order" Amazone/Disclosure/"1st Order (Paul Mac Remix)" Amazone/Disclosure/"2nd Order Amazone/Disclosure/"2nd Order (Angel Costa Remix)" Your Mother Naked/Compilation One/"1981" Forte Techno/Juddavision/"Juddavision (Kereni Remix)" Inmaterial Audio/Console EP/"Console (Kereni Remix)" Your Mother Naked/Explicit Deception/"Submit" Your Mother Naked/Explicit Deception/"Conform" Your Mother Naked/Explicit Deception/"Obey" LCR/Series 3.0/"Persephone" Eklero Records/Subskin Node EP/"Node 2 (Kereni Remix)" Forte Techno/Analog Code/"Analog Code 1.1" Forte Techno/Analog Code/"Analog Code 1.2" Forte Techno/Analog Code/"Analog Code 1.3" Forte Techno/Analog Code/"Analog Code 1.4" Forte Techno/Analog Code/"Analog Code (Sinister Dub Edit)" Android Muziq/Loop Certainty/"Loop Distribution (Kereni Remix)" Until Morning/Restless/"Restless (Kereni No Rest For The Synth Mix)" Subcircles/Temor/"Temor (Kereni Remix)" F.O.S./Urban Sounds Of EU/"No Return" Meld/Jail Bait/"Jail Bait (Kereni Rework)" Your Mother Naked/In Time And Space/"In Time And Space" Your Mother Naked/In Time And Space/"Extra Dimension" Your Mother Naked/In Time And Space/"X-Flare" Subcircles/Kaventsmann/"Impact Tsunami (Kereni Remix)" Hell Beat Limited/Miner/"Miner (Kereni Remix)"