Kenneth Scott



  • Kenneth Scott spent his formative years surrounded by hippies in a small town in rural Iowa, and somewhere amongst their penchant for Trancendental Meditation they introduced a young Mr. Scott to rave music.
    Soon after, between dabbling in Hip-Hop production, tinkering with cheap hardware, and full immersion in mid-90s House, Drum N Bass and IDM, Scott found himself on a one-way train to the distant shores of San Francisco, where his bastardized melange of electronic dance music was welcomed with wide-open arms. After several years building notoriety as a promoter, collaborative performer, and consummate after-party DJ extraordinaire, Scott shifted his attention more seriously to solo production, which is garnering him increasing accolades in his current home of Berlin. Kenneth Scott is a busy man still on a one-way train, with no brakes – as proven by releases on Vakant, Another, Legwork, and his own Bad Animal imprint.

    Selected discography

    RECENT RELEASES \\\\\\ Kenneth Scott - Shakti Excess [Audiophile Deep] Pred & Scott - Polyglob [Biologic Records] Kenneth Scott - Legba [Audiophile Deep] Kenneth Scott - The Future We Must Live In Now, Forever [Souvenir] Kenneth Scott - Ever Smaller Birds [Souvenir] DLS - The World Is Detroit (Kenneth Scott Remix) [Semper Memor] Kenneth Scott - Let's Go Program Thomas [Vakant] Kenneth Scott - Straylight EP [Another] KAMM - Kick Drunk Love [Intimate Friends] Kenneth Scott - Tonight [Legwork] Kenneth Scott - If The Rain Stops These Ruthless Acts [Bad Animal] Libertas - Song For The End Of The World (Kenneth Scott Remix) [La Mission] Tomas Jirku - Solaris 2002 (Kenneth Scott Remix) [Thoughtless Music] Kenneth Scott - Engrams E.P. [Bad Animal] Smash TV + So&So - Robogeisha E.P. [Souvenir] Moniker - Billy D [Circus Company] Navid Izadi - Once Upon A Time (Kenneth Scott Remix) [Touch of Class] Kenneth Scott - Lost Behind Her Eyes [Touch of Class] Geno Records - Kenneth Scott - This Is Not For You E.P. Kenneth Scott - Waves of Rain [Igloo-Rec]