Karl Meier



  • Chicago, Illinois. 1/2 of Talker. DJ.
    A life-long devotee of electronic and experimental music, Karl P. Meier discovered Chicago House and Detroit Techno in the early nineties, and the rest, as they say, is boring. Determined to prove that dance music could be serious artform, and more than just escapist fare, he developed a DJing style (opening for artists such as Surgeon, Monolake, and Jeff Mills) that looks to the future while being influenced by the music of the past, exploring the grey area between the physical and the cerebral and focusing on dynamism, subversion, and recontextualization. Karl's current project, a collaboration with Jonathan "Stave" Krohn under the name Talker, appears on the esteemed Downwards imprint - in addition to 2 releases for that label, remixes have appeared on labels such as Eye Teeth, Horizontal Ground, and Kathexis.

    Selected discography

    V/A "Halha" (Downwards, 2013) Talker "Cut The Weight" (Downwards, 2014) Talker "S/T" (Downwards, 2014) Israel Vines "WWKD (Talker's WWKAJD Remix)" (Eye Teeth, 2015) KGIV "Rendering Intent (Talker Remix)" (Horizontal Ground, 2015) Birds Of Prey "Black Vulture (Talker Remix)" (Kathexis, 2015)