• KANARY searches for music the same shape as her internal universe, seeking the echo of the music within her. Shapes emerge from cities and their scenes, Montreal to Tokyo, she carries a vision of sounds within.
    She exposed herself to music from a young age in various ways. She grew up surrounded by the environment that her parents played radio every morning, and always listened to their records of jazz, folk, 60's to 80's rock and classical music. Her musical roots go back to 5 years old, playing piano with her friend randomly with emotion, and got into electronic music since she was 10 years old. She stayed awake late at night to listen to particular night music radio shows to record her favorite songs into cassette tapes, started to collect CDs, and copied writing music lyrics in her notebooks by hand. She discovered lots of rock music, writing her own songs and lyrics for fun, and played guitar for the first time when she was 14 years old. In high school, she was a vocalist in three bands, actively participated public gigs at local studios and events. She and her friend were always singing after school until it got dark, they also performed street music together. Joined street dance club team at university brought the opportunities for her to explore wide range of dance music, such as house, breakbeat, disco, hiphop and R&B & soul. She realized she love dancing to music she likes to express her emotion and connection with her feelings. After graduation, she had two bands and moved to Canada in 2012. She kept playing piano and guitar and sometime performed at Open Mic. In Montreal, she finally met underground techno and house music she had been looking for. Many of her friends and colleagues play music, she got a lot of inspiration from them and all of the music related experiences she had. Her passion for electronic music brought her to explore the realm of the underground scenes through solo travel in Europe and North America. In 2018, she began playing in local bars and clubs in Tokyo. The overwhelming reaction inspired her to continue to spread good vibes with great beats to dance to, engaging in a communal celebration of music and life. For her, the most rewarding thing is to see people let go and become fully enveloped by the seduction of music.