Justin Paton



  • acid house influenced electronic musician & DJ.
    Hi, I'm Justin Paton. I love and make Acid House influenced electronic music, using only hardware. I first heard Acid House whilst parked outside a Portsmouth nightclub in 1988 when a tape was put on and out came Phuture's "We Are Phuture" and that was it for me! The special sound I loved came from a small synth called a 303 and I wanted one. 26 years later, I got one & found that I could make and improvise Acid House live, so now I play out as often as possible. I've released a double vinyl 12", called "My Acid House", on MottoMotto Records & a bunch of download albums, mostly on Beauty & Disgust Records and one, "Acid, Acid Azarak" on Freaksville Records. I also DJ using vinyl and, sometimes, CDs.

    Selected discography

    * "My Acid House" (MottoMotto) - vinyl & DL: https://mottomotto.bandcamp.com/album/my-acid-house * "Acid, Acid Azarak" (Freaksville) - DL: https://justinpaton.bandcamp.com/album/acid-acid-azarak * "Live Acid" various volumes (Beauty & Disgust) - DL: https://beautyanddisgust.bandcamp.com