Jose RC



  • Technoproducer
    Born in Malaga (Spain), Jose RC has always been dedicated to music.At only 12 years old he was already attending special events with the big names DJ's of the time. RC journey into Techno started in the mid-nineties, together with friends and DJ's who were eager to run events in same area. He then went on to play House, Progressive House, Deep House,Tech House and other sub-genres of House and Techno.... He currently plays regularly around Spain,off the coast of Spain and out Spain like... ( Ibiza,Palma de Gran Canarias, Dubai, Abu Dhabi..) and across the mainland too, sharing the booth with DJs like Julian Perez, Oscar Mulero, James Holden, Tini Desolat, Martinez Brothers and Marco Carola... to name but a few. His talent for mixing and production combined gained him support from many DJ's, resulting in requests for recordings of his sets and remix work. RC works hard with some label ́s and radio international every day, to produce the electronic music he loves, across all the genre's he works on, in order to share his sound with the world.

    Selected discography

    "Labels" * Kommunikation Records * Proton Radio * BedRoom Muzik * SouthPark Records * Be One Records * Code2 Records * Tactical Records * Shibiza Recordings * Funktion Records * Chazin Cutz * DC10 Records * Ken Records * Traxacid Records * Tainted Hefestos Records * Alivelab Records * Rare Music Records