Jonah Sharp



  • Reflective Records label manager and artist, Jonah Sharp has earned considerable respect in the electronic music field for his solo work as well as collaborations with artists diverse as BIll Laswell, Harumi Hosono, YMO, Move D , Pete Namlook, Ursula R..
    Jonah Sharp aka Spacetime Continuum played an important role during the 90’s in consolidating the global experimental ambient and techno scene through his Reflective Records imprint as well as releasing a string of solo studio albums on Astralwerks and Virgin Records. He has worked with many artists including a live album with writer and philosopher Terence McKennna, and collaborations with Mixmaster Morris, Haruomi Hosono of Yellow Magic Orchestra, Pete Namlook, Ursula Rucker, Move D, Tetsu Inoue and Bill Laswell to name but a few. An Edinburgh, Scotland native, Sharp started his musical life as a drummer, playing with various art-school punk bands inspired by the super-8 film ethic of the likes of Caberet Voltaire and early Human League. After briefly flirting with the late 80’s London acid jazz club scene as a session drummer, he soon realised the possibilities of a sampler and a drum machine as a solo performer. Excited by the sounds of Detroit techno, Chicago house and the electronic music that was coming from Europe, he started performing live and DJing at parties in London in 1989 and decided that the chill-out room offered more potential for realizing what he was trying to communicate musically. He left London for America in 1992, settling in San Francisco, where he established his Reflective label and recorded the bulk of his work to date, split over a number of different project headings (Emit Ecaps, Alien Community, Reagenz, Electro Harmonix and Strange Attractor). His most consistently visible work though has been as Spacetime Continuum, most of which was released by Astralwerks and Reflective. He has performed live electronic music and DJ’d all over the world including a slot at the very first Detroit Electronic Music Festival in 2000 curated by Carl Craig and on Mount Fuji in 1999 in front of 18,000 people during an insane torrential rain storm. He has remixed the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Meat Beat Manifesto and Matt Herbert and had his music in numerous movies including Darren Aronofsky's 1998 movie 'Pi'. Recent work includes the 2009 album with Move D under the project name Reagenz out on Workshop records.

    Selected discography

    Alien Community (CD, Ltd) Fax +49-69/450464 1993 Alien Dreamtime (CD, Album, Mixed) Astralwerks 1993 Speaking In Tongues (12") Astralwerks 1993 Alien Community 2 (CD, Ltd) Fax +49-69/450464 1994 Alien Community I + II (2xCD) Instinct Records 1994 Electro Harmonix (CD, Album, Ltd) Fax +49-69/450464 1994 Excursions In Ambience - The Third Dimension (CD) Floatilla Astralwerks 1994 Headshop® (CD, Comp) Green Years Source Records (2) 1994 Pressure (12") Astralwerks 1994 Reagenz (CD, Album) Source Records (2) 1994 Sea Biscuit (CD, Album) Astralwerks 1994 Sea Biscuit (2xLP, Album) Astralwerks 1994 Sea Biscuit (CD, Ltd, Album) Fax +49-69/450464 1994 Wechselspannung (12", Bro) Reflective 1994 Wechselspannung (CD, Ltd) Fax +49-69/450464 1994 Kairo / Room Kick (12") Astralwerks 1995 Lo Recordings Vol. 1: Extreme Possibilities (CD) Prong Lo Recordings 1995 South Of Market EP. (12", EP, Bro) Reflective 1995 South Of Market EP. (12", EP) Reflective 1995 Wechselspannung 2 (CD, Ltd) Fax +49-69/450464 1995 Ambient Compendium (2xCD) Aion, Zurvan Akarana M.I.L. Multimedia 1996 Checkone - Applied Rhythmic Technology (2xCD, Album, Mixed, Comp) Soon X:treme Records 1996 Emit Ecaps (CD, Album) Reflective 1996 Three A.D. (CD) Oracle Waveform Records 1996 Astralwerks™ (CD, Promo, Smplr, Comp) Neoteric, Neoteric (St... Astralwerks, Jockey Slut 1997 REALtime EP (CD, EP) Astralwerks 1997 REALtime EP (12", EP) Astralwerks 1997 Summer Of Rainbow 97 (CD) Camberwell Green EastWest Japan 1997 X-Mix - Fast Forward & Rewind (CD, Mixed, Comp) Gyroscope Studio !K7 1997 Ambient Anthology (CD, Comp, P/Mixed) Transmitter Fairway Record 1998 Checkone (2xCD, RE) Soon, Soon X:treme Records 1998 p - Music For The Motion Picture (CD) A Low Frequency Invers... Sire Records Company 1998 Double Fine Zone (CD) Astralwerks 1999 Future Life EP (12", EP) Astralwerks 1999 Project Ponga (12", Cle) Loosegroove Records 1999 Batunova Scat / Renegade Theme (12") Renegade Theme, Renega... Ubiquity Records 2000 Supa Sista (CD, Album, Promo) 1 Million Ways To Burn... Studio !K7 2001 Everyone Deserves Music (CD, Maxi, Copy Prot.) What I Be (Jonah Sharp... Labels 2003 Flame and Fortune (CD) Cyberset 2005 Reagenz (CD, Album, RE, Car) Spiral Records (3), Spiral Records (3) 2007 Reagenz - Playtime (CD double 12") Workshop records 2009 Reagenz - Berghain 05 12"