John Julius Knight



  • This Man needs no Introduction
    John Julius Knight aka jjk the Brooklyn born and bred now Miami based DJ is best known for dancefloor hits, such as “All I Do” (Cleptomaniacs feat. Bryan Chambers), John Julius Knight "Born Again" Larry's Jam and his Soulfuric Trax classic “Find A Friend” to name a few... Early in his career John moved from New York to Miami where he met partner Brian Tappert, in which they both started producing and remixing hits together. The duo’s early work was released on labels such as AM:PM , Defected and Stricly Rhythm. In 2001, their bootleg of Stevie Wonder’s ‘All I Do’ took the club scene by storm and was instantly picked up by Defected Records, who re-worked it with vocalist Bryan Chambers. The track made it to 23 in the UK’s national sales charts and turned the duo into one of the most in-demand remix & DJ teams under their newly acquired ‘Cleptomaniacs’ moniker. Djing since a teenager John knows how to work the crowd from the days of disco to the deep and techy soundz of today his sets got you covered.His sets has spanned the globe from the Ministry of Sound (London) , Pacha (Ibiza) , to his summer residency and favorite spot in the world Cielo (NYC) . John is also known for his disco classcis mash ups edits he created himself and with clepto partner back in the day , of course they were all evidently jacked by bootleggers .his great vision and skill in the studio has also made his name a reason to listen to a track with his name on it . In recent years John has started 2 record labels first Reversoulmusic which began in 2006 and it is based on a more deep tech sound , but even more recent in Oct 2010 John started his new label called Blacklist which has a more high energy Disco feel to it .At the moment the Blacklist label is being highly received by all the djs around the globe. With the success of massive dj support John monthly release schedule has been keeping him busy djing at all his favorite spots. John quotes "If Im not djing Im in the studio" Blacklist tracks can be bought currently at and you can also follow John and his blacklist releases on the following links..

    Selected discography

    John Julius Knight "Larrys Jam" Blacklist John Julius Knight "Born Again" Blacklist DJ John Julius Knight "Find a Friend" Soulfuric Trax Cleptomaniancs feat. Brian Chambers "All I Do" Defected