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  • Label Owner/Manager/DJ: Plethora Muzik. Label: Plethora Muzik - Digital | Deep Progressive House/Tech imprint | Birmingham UK. DJ: Jimi’s style and approach to DJ'in is as upfront as it is challenging.
    (2016 - YTD) Label Owner/Manager/DJ: Plethora Muzik. The commitment of Plethora Muzik is to release high quality deep Progressive House & Progressive Tech collaborations. These collectives come from established and up & coming producers from across the UK, Europe & ROW. Press | Bookings Contact: [email protected] (About) Jimi Falconer - DJ/Producer from Birmingham, UK & Label Owner and Manager of Plethora Muzik, Digital Deep Progressive House and Tech imprint. Jimi’s style and approach to DJ'in is as upfront as it is challenging. He constantly aims to push the conventional musical boundaries to provide his sound. By allowing the development and exploration of his mixes within the broad spectrum of electronic music to expand and evolve, Jimi uniquely blends tracks that stimulate an audience, whilst taking them on a voyage that enables their total captivation and transportation. 2018 was a successful year as a DJ & producer with a series of collaborations, exclusives and high profile events which enabled Jimi to develop his artist profile, releasing an EP on Mystic Carousel Records with the DJ/Producer ‘Shemsu’. Bookings during 2018 in Bristol, Essex, Manchester and Ibiza, saw Jimi feature alongside some industry heavyweights including Guy Mantzur & Jody Wisternoff, whilst also promoting his own ‘Alchemy’ event in Birmingham. Further associations during 2018 with established UK brands such as Basement 77 (Birmingham), The Prog Lab (Bristol) and #UpCloseAndPersonalMcr (Manchester) coupled with two sell-out shows during the summer & winter for circle. Ibiza at OD Ocean Drive (Ibiza) & The Dark Horse (Birmingham) on Boxing Day has seen Jimi take the opportunity to become a UK based resident for the Ibiza brand in 2019. In 2019 Jimi went on to undertake further collaborations with #UpCloseAndPersonalMcr & the acclaimed brand ‘Data Transmission’. The Data Transmission collaboration saw Jimi gain the position as a monthly resident alongside label resident, Craig Pailing - delivering the digital label imprint exclusive monthly show ‘Alchemy’ which has successfully continued throughout 2020. Further guest mixes throughout 2019 were broadcast on Volkan Erman’s [BPM Digital] platform, Blue Amazon's - A Rec [Frisky Radio] Show & circle. Ibiza [Frisky Radio/DI.FM]. All mixes featured were exclusive live recordings, delivering the most upfront and unreleased tracks from labels & producers alike from around the globe. Building on 2019 achievements, 2020 is proving to be yet another successful year. Early on in 2020 Jimi gained a permanent residency with the UK brand – PFG. This has seen Jimi deliver ‘live weekly podcasts’ since May, coupled with regular monthly guest mixes for various brands, including Blue Amazon’s - A Rec Show [Frisky Radio] & Artist of the Week [Frisky Radio]. Links/ Contact/ Pages Website: bit.ly/PlethoraMuzik Facebook: bit.ly/Facebook_JimiFalconer Mixcloud DJ Sets: bit.ly/mixcloud_JimiFalconer Soundcloud DJ sets: bit.ly/soundcloud_JimiFalconer Email: [email protected] Venues/Events Played (UK): #UPCAPMCR Manchester/Various circle. UK TOUR Birmingham TUNNEL CLUB Birmingham MINISTRY OF SOUND London EGG London PACHA London LIGHTBOX London KOKO London BODYMOVE London LEADING ASTRAY RECORDS London BEDROOM HOUSE RECORDS London SPACE London MOVE London NOCTURNO London NIGHTLIFE London XONELOVEX Birmingham MAMA LIZ’S Stamford GODS KITCHEN (Institute) Birmingham Venues/Events Played (Europe): circle. IBZ OD OCEAN DRIVE Ibiza VIVA Ibiza ANGELLO's Ibiza TULP BAR Ibiza STARDUST Palác Akropolis Prague KANYA Ibiza GOLDEN BUDDAH Ibiza PLAY2 Ibiza CHAPEAU ROUGE Prague PEKELNEJ BAR Prague REPUBLIC ARTISTS London/Prague/Ibiza IBIZA GATHERING PLAYHOUSE Ibiza/Ireland EDISON Ireland MELLOPHONIK London/Ibiza RADIO EVENTS PLAYED: DATA TRANSMISSION RADIO (Resident YTD) BPM DIGITAL (Resident YTD) DNA RADIO Argentina (Resident) BEST SETS RADIO (Resident) FRISKY (Guest Mix/AOTW) DEEP HOUSE RADIO Ireland (Guest Mix) CONVERT SESSIONS (Guest Mix) SATURO SOUNDS (Guest Mix) INNERVISIONS RADIO (Guest Mix) DECADENCE ESSENTIALS UK (Guest Mix) RUDEDOG RECORDS (Guest Mix) DEEPERSOULMUSIC RADIO Germany (Guest Mix) INFUSIONS RADIO Hosted (Ruff Diamond Artists) Additional Information: (2015 - 2016) Label Manager - Twisted Recordings/Twisted Tech Jimi Falconer secured the position as Twisted Recordings joint label manager alongside Martin Skirving the labels owner/creator. (2015 - 2016) DJ/Promoter: Konundrum During 2015 the Twisted Recordings brand Konundrum received success with dj/live sets in cities/venues around Europe, UK and Ireland with return dates confirmed for 2016 and additional bookings received for additional venues around Europe, UK and Ireland during 2016.
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