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  • Jerry Abstract completely encompasses electronic music in his lifestyle as a DJ, producer, remixer, graphic designer, and friend to the community. iamyourfriend™
    Jerry Abstract completely encompasses electronic music in his lifestyle as a DJ, producer, remixer, designer, and friend to the community. He's the former Art Director for Seattle's Decibel Festival and was tagged as a "Next 100" artist by URB Magazine in 2007 and 2008 for his production talents. Jerry Abstract creates tracks and remixes for the labels Shitkatapult Musick, Detroit Underground, From 0-1, Sub Sensory, Peloton, Schematic, Equal Recordings and countless others. Jerry Abstract podcasts can be found on Electric Deluxe, From 0-1, and Detroit Underground. His production aliases include Ian Ginsing, Former Selv, and Avee Libretto. Mr. Abstract's influences run the historical gamut of music, starting with his countercultural growth in Detroit during the earlier waves of techno while attending secret inner city underground parties in the early 1990's. In 2004 he spent the summer living in Berlin, but currently resides in Portland, OR taking inspiration from the scenic Pacific Northwest. As a true asset, Jerry has kick-started both the second and third waves of the Cascadian electronic music movement. With the scene itself now home to a bevy of talented electronic music producers, Jerry Abstract has raised his game to become one of the culture's most sought after DJ's, producer's, and remixer's while bringing a positive attitude and skills to match other international talent.

    Selected discography

    solo: Jerry Abstract _ Mudtsmut EP _ Shitkatapult Jerry Abstract _ Luvbytes EP _ Shitkatapult Jerry Abstract _ One Trakk Mind EP_ Semisexual Jerry Abstract _ A Bitch In Bro's Clothing EP _ Knight Riders Jerry Abstract _ Satiated Elation _ Equal Recordings Jerry Abstract _ Triangle Tea Ceremony _ Detroit Underground Avee Libretto _ Symbolon LP _ Schematic Music Company Former Selv _ Wandering In A World Without Gravity LP _ Peloton Musique Former Selv _ Forest Of Leisure _ Equal Recordings Ian Ginsing _ Champagne Eiscubes EP _ Semisexual Ian Ginsing _ Cosmetic Blemish EP _ Equal Recordings compilations: Musick To Play In The Club v.1 _ Jerry Abstract - "Grittn" _ Shitkatapult Musick To Play In The Club v.4 _ Jerry Abstract - "Drvnk" _ Shitkatapult Musick To Play In The Club _ Jerry Abstract - "Mudtsmut" _ Shitkatapult The Black White Vol. 1 _ Jerry Abstract - "Youth On Age" _ From 0-1 Solstice EP _ Jerry Abstract - "Glass Chatter" _ From 0-1 Solstice Realignments _ Jerry Abstract - "Glass Chatter" (Remixed by Kynd) _ From 0-1 Violation of Symmetry _ Jerry Abstract - "Symbols Fall Sick From My Lips" _ Slant Records Bicycles Are Your Friends _ Ian Ginsing - "Peliokaan" _ Peloton Musique Cumulous _ Former Selv - "Eviqelect" _ Memex Fourthcity Comp.2004 _ Former Selv - "Nichiyobi" _ FourthCity Leather _ Former Selv _ "Irn" _ Dragons Eye Recordings Seattle Compilation 1 _ Former Selv - "Xodiaxia" _ tui cfex musiq Our Lost Summer _ Former Selv _ "Evalivia" _ Dulcett Records remixes: Sone - "Pick Sides (Jerry Abstract Chooses Tails Remix) _ Subspec Logic Probe - "Lets Do This (Jerry Abstract Remix) _ Pleasure Boat Records Sleepy Eyes of Death - "Crushed By Stars (Jerry Abstract Remix)" _ Mass.Mvmnt SciFiSol - "Neon (Jerry Abstract's Anti-Matter Glow Remix)" _ Pleasure Boat Records Jesse Somfay - "All Above All (Jerry Abstract's Apathy Remix)" _ Detroit Underground Jesse Somfay - "All Above All (Jerry Abstract's Empathy Remix)" _ Detroit Underground QP - "Go Dum" _ Car Crash Set Obelus - "Wisteria" _ Released by Static Factory/Basskamp Revy - "Brainburn (Jerry Abstract Remix)" _ Slant Records JAK - "Automatonic (Jerry Abstract Remix)" _ SubSensory Splatinum - "Ain't No Fool (Jerry Abstract's Flapjax Remix)" _ Daly Cityl Vincent Parker - "Zombie (Jerry Abstract's Hatchet Remix)" _ Truckasauras - "Fak!!!" _ Fourthcityl m.0 - "Lift Us Up" _ InnerFlight Music The Trucks - "Shattered" _ Clickpop _ Unreleased Kero - "Where The Fuk Is D3?" _ Neo Ouija _ Unreleased Kara Dupuy - "The More I Love You" _ *** _ Unreleased Immortelle - "Remember The Future" _ *** _ Unreleased appearances: Jerry Abstract - "Mudtsmut" _ Decibel 2006 TV Commercial Former Selv - "Nichi Yoobi" _ Fourthcity Laptop Battle DVD Former Selv - "Aidov" _ Daylight Webisode featured dj mixes: Jerry Abstract - "From 0-1 Studio Sessions Vol. 075" _ From0-1 Jerry Abstract - "Electric Deluxe Podcast : Episode 118" _ Electric Deluxe Jerry Abstract - "Electric Deluxe Podcast : Episode 045" _ Electric Deluxe Jerry Abstract - "STRIKE To The Body DJ Mix" _ Shitkatapult Jerry Abstract - "Carpe Noctem DJ Mix" _ Slant Records Jerry Abstract - "Friendly Integration DJ Mix" _ Detroit Underground Jerry Abstract - "From 0-1 Studio Sessions Vol. 011" _ From0-1 Jerry Abstract - "Diken Brosco DJ Mix" _ Mass.Mvmnt Jerry Abstract - "Closer Festival Mix" _ Closer Festival remixed by: "One Trakk Mind" - Lusine _ Semisexual "One Trakk Mind" - Mr. Projectile _ Semisexual "Glass Chatter" - Kynd _ From 0-1 Music "A Bitch In Bro's Clothing" - Punisher _ Knight Riders