Jennifer Loveless



  • Jennifer Loveless is a palpable force behind the decks, a well-loved community member and stand-out talent in the local dance scene of Australia.
    The Toronto-native is a diverse selector who found her love of club music through its most fundamental element; dance. She headlines parties from state-to-state, plays at major festivals, and has supported heavy hitters like DJ Sprinkles, Steffi, and Wata Igarashi to name a few. In 2019 she was part of the Australian Discwoman Showcase Boiler Room event and performed internationally across North America with up-and-comers such as Ambien Baby, Working Women, Korea Town Acid; as well as parties in Asia with an appearance at the iconic festival YinYang, taking place on the Great Wall of China. She’s featured on Rinse FM, Noods Radio and maintains her own show, Weatherall, on the well-respected, Skylab Radio - based in Melbourne Australia. Jennifer has fast become a staple to the Australian club scene. 2020 marked the beginning of Jennifer’s entry into the production scene. Her Pure Space release ‘Hard/Soft’ has been featured by Resident Advisor, Bandcamp and received praise from the likes of Laurent Garnier, Bill Brewster, Extrawelt and more. During the unfolding Covid-19 pandemic, Jennifer produced ‘1.5m’, a music video and EP that captures this time in history. The release has been featured on Inverted Audio, The Age, and more – as well as released on Planet Euphorique. She kicks off 2021 with her sophomore release on the iconic Australian label, Butter Sessions. Titled ‘Water’, the 5 club-ready tracks cement Jennifer as one to watch in the global electronic dance scene. The EP has been given a glowing review by Resident Advisor’s Andrew Ryce who writes, ‘A brilliant EP of feel-good tracks inspired by the primal force of water (and raves)... This is the kind of career-making EP that most artists could only hope for their second-ever record to sound like’. Her rare live performances are experimental, fluid, and emotionally charged; weaving musical language through narratives that incorporate her love of nature, community, and show her penchant for nuance. In this capacity she has supported the likes of Ciel and Hakobune as well as contributed to conversations around the ocean and climate crisis. Her delivery of dance music informed by her precise blend of interests in community, the ocean, nostalgia and uplift are what keeps us intrigued and excited to see what Jennifer has in store for us in 2021 and beyond.

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