• Dj and producer Jemmy
    ''Dj and producer Jemmy is an artist who eschews genre. His sets meld sounds from right across the spectrum, constantly adapting to crowds and locations whilst always maintaining his recognisable sound. It's probably fair to say he's not the type of artist who would ever be comfortable churning out forgettable tracks, preferring instead to tell a new story with each release, when he feels as though something really has to be heard. Without straying into hackneyed discussions about genre, the best way to describe Jemmy's sound is probably as one that is organic and playful, with a touch of psychedelia, that can sometimes unravel into little moments of beauty. His music is released on some of the finest record labels in the world, such as Mule Musiq, and always receives support from a varied range of top DJ’s, from Michael Mayer to Tim Sweeney. He has long standing DJ residencies with Freeze - who promote for the likes of Innervisions, Kompakt and Young Turks. On top of his residencies, he regularly takes his roadshow to some of the best and most established institutions around, like Amnesia, The Albert Hall and Cafe Del Mar and boasts the rare claim of being the first ever DJ to play The Anglican Cathedral. With new releases and lots of gigs to look forward to over the next year, watch this space for more'' Ciaran John (BBC)