Jason Short

  • Aliases
    Coalition of the Killing, Eutactic, Kyaro, Luther Mandross
  • Location
    United States of America
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  • Jason Short is a burgeoning electronic musician and the label manager for Auralism Records. For over 14 years he has been producing original material under his own name, along with the collaborative efforts Eutactic, Kyaro, and most notably Coalition o..

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Past events

    • Thu, 13 Sep 2012

      Great American Techno Festival 2012

      Kevin Saunderson, Deepak Sharma, John Tejada, Habersham, David Javate, Drumcell, Audio Injection, Attentat, Brandon Brown, Greg Eversoul, Mike Parker, Dela, Donor, Jason Short, Papyrus, Bones, Oonaslim, Tiari, Little Mike, Daegon, Raiz, Joey M, Guidewire, Panos, Sentenza, Mick Finesse, Delic, Sinistarr, PNut, Deciprocal, Max Gardner, Patrick Gil, Rrose, Deepstrike, Sergei Loginov, Aaron Lee
      Various Venues

    • Fri, 15 Jun 2012

      Grooveland Campout

      Droog, Jaime James, Caley, Clovis, Jason Short, Adnan Sharif, Mozaic, Brian Knarfield, Mossmoss, Craig Kuna, Tyrel Williams, Michael Perry, Blue Soul, NDK, Max Gardner, Galen, William Wardlaw, Ardalan, Sepehr, Justin Peoples, Brian Bejarano, Benjamin Vallery, Steve Mostly, Star Kommand, Dao, Darrell Tenaglia, Michael Claus
      San Francisco
      Grooveland Ranch