Integral Bread



  • The definition of his music depends on the listener. In his Music & LIVE ACT, you can find techno, house, deep or progressive elements... all of them featuring the purest electronic essence. It is an eclectic style that makes sense,in a timeless harmony
    Nacho Vicente Vargas (Integral Bread), from Spain, started his career in the electronic music production in 1995. During all these years he has been working with a wide range of music kinds but with a very personal and unique style during his natural evolution. In 2000 he joined Joaquin Gemio and they formed “Bread and Butter”, with a great success due to their releases and live acts in the main Spanish festivals. His solo career is supported by numerous references and remixes edited in different labels, in addition to the support of artists and specialized media. He is currently manager of the Univack Records label. His latest album, "We Die To Live" released in May 2016, has garnered outstanding attention from specialist media around the globe, as well as reaching the Beatport top 10 release, and being a finalist at the Vicious Music Awards 2016 for Best Album, in addition to the nomination for Best Artist Tech-House / Deep House. His live show, awarded the Best Live award at the "EEE Awards", has received significant recognition from the public and specialized critics, performing live even on such important media as Radio 3 National Radio of Spain (twice). His Live has toured festivals like Klubbers Day, Electrosonic Burgos, Live Dance festival, Jameos Festival, Summer Festival, Hebben Live, ContemPopranea, etc, by numerous clubs in the national territory, and countries like Belgium, Austria and UK, sharing poster and stage with Artists like Pet Shop Boys, Orbital, Richie Hawtin, Sven Väth, Jeff Mills, Carl Craig, Kevin Saunderson, Marco Carola, Guy Gerber, Henry Saiz, Dj Rush, Umek, Robert Hood, Oscar Mulero, Paco Osuna, Cristian Varela, Christian Smith, LadyTron, Radio Slave, Freestylers, Asian Dub Foundation, Oxia, Misstress Barbara, The Hacker, Paul Ritch, Popof, Uto Karem, Sideral, D.Wachman, Adam Freeland, Samuel L. Sesion, Reeko, Gaetano Parisio, Marc Houle, Sebastian Leger, Krafty Kuts, and a long etcetera. Integral Bread has the power of bringing you back to one of our basic and oldest instinct, dancing, this time surrounded by lacers lights instead of around a bonfire, innate way of having fun and feeling in harmony.

    Selected discography As INTEGRAL BREAD: WE DIE TO LIVE remixed (Univack Records) And Suddenly EP (Univack Records) Manu Riga - Get Me Down (Integral Bread Remix) (Bonzai Progressive) WE DIE TO LIVE [ALBUM] (Univack Records) Oovation - Nimbus (Integra Bread Remix) (Suffused Music) Djeep Rythyms - Chloe Miller (Integral Bread Remix) (Stage Records) Moonscape EP (FutureForm Music) Andre Sobota - Common Place (Integral Bread Remix) (Univack Records) Ioan Gamboa - The Black Sheep (Integral Bread Remix) (Univack Records) Henry Saiz - Love Mythology (Integral Bread Remix) (Natura Sonoris contest) DNYO - Medianoche (Integral Bread Remix) (Univack Records) Inside The Univack EP (univack Records) Sell Your Faith / Dehesa EP (LowBit) David Granha - Work for me (Integral Bread Remix) (Univack Records) Denis Ruso - Cosmic Gate (Integral Bread Remix) (Univack Records) Juan Deminicis - Change to week (Integral Bread Remix) (Indigo Records) Xar Lee - Vibe (Integral Bread Remix) (Univack Records) Fractalized EP )Univack Records) Brain Mousse EP (Indigo Records) Solee - Jule (Paquet Recordings contest) Sasha - Cut Me Down (Integral Bread remix) (Last Night on Earth contest) Guy J - Azimuth (Integral Bread Remix) (Bedrock contest) Egostereo - Sex Pistols (Integral Bread Remix) (M-Groove) Diversity EP (Univack Records) Continuity EP (Univack Records) Integrity EP (Univack Records) Security EP (Univack Records) Jabalina EP (Incense Records) Ants In My Head EP (Indigo Records) Gallineta - Singularity EP (Univack Records) Bizarre Tribute - Plasticity EP (Univack Records) As Bread and Butter: EPs, SINGLES: - Bread and Butter – Electric Bubble / Forcemode [Hot Slice] - Bread and Butter – Kartoffel / Flue [Hot Slice] - Bread and Butter – Chita Revenge [N-mity Sound] - Bread and Butter – Until We Die EP [La Cupula (House of Music)] - Bread and Butter – Introspective / Ask me why [La Cupula (House of Music)] - Bread and Butter – Glubs / Starki & hush [Sfx Records] - Bread and Butter – Festival man EP [Bit Breakz] - Bread and Butter – Flying guitars EP [Axioma records] ALBUMS, LPs: - Bread and Butter – Break Toast LP [La Cupula (House of Music] CDs RECOP, MIXES: - Extrematrónica 2.0 - Extrematrónica 1.0 - Breakbeat Series 3. - This is Break beat - A new Break experience