• Growing up in the Caribbean, brothers Ross and Evan Lelliott – better known as techno duo,Increments, began their music journey at regional Trinidadian carnival celebrations.
    Kaleidoscopic explosions of rhythms mixed with vibrant sights mixed with a deep-rooted sense of community. These early years introduced them to the multi-sensory power of dance music when it fuses with community, and inspired them to learn their first instrument, the steelpan. From these roots, the Lelliotts moved to London. Careers in the visual arts inspired the brothers to embark on their first Increments collaboration, Vitamins. A five–part mix series, each instalment explores the way sound can influence the way you see things, and vice versa. Fuelled by support from FACT Magazine and Hunger, the duo decided to turn their project into a live show and fresh approach to throwing club nights. Ross and Evan know that where or how you experience music is just as important as the sounds you’re playing. From the London Design Festival to WW2 bunkers, Increments are driven to finding unusual venues where you least expect them. No small feat given the current state of London’s clubland today. Each audio-visual performance is unique depending on where the event takes place, complete with complementing drinks menus. Inviting in electronic artists they have built a community of like-minded, forward-thinking individuals. Having created music specifically for each performance in tandem with their tailored visual shows, Increments finally decided to enter the studio for the first time in 2017. Whether DJing or playing live the duo always deliver emotive experiences beyond ‘just’ sound – their recorded material will be no different.