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  • Human Robot > Jeferson Ciarvi ( DJ | Music Producer) SP//Brazil. Owner/Founder of Labels "Infinity Music Label","Future Visions Label" and "HædrON Music Label" dedicated to New experiments and abstract Electronic Techno Music trough your project: "IVRAIC"
    In the decade of 90 in a space that is designed to Reveal New Talent Night at the legendary "Technova" in extinct Lov.e Club Lounge where resident DJ Mau Mau (one most important DJ's of Brazil), Jef came the under pseudonym "Human Robot "and launched great authoring songs Through many labels around the world. Now Jef create his own label called "HaedroN Music", dedicated only to launching his productions as "Human Robot" and also his other pseudonym "IVRAIC", where he explores different types of visions within his own music, using the creativity with more freedom and expanding his sonorities without limits, consolidating his work as a music producer. He also has two other labels, one of which is the "Future Visions Label" especially open to all friendly producers and partners around the world and has great releases in his catalog of Legends such as Sean Deason, Gary Martin (Gigi Galaxy) , Plural and other important producers like Tessuto, Declyn, Keita Sato, Deepbreath etc..., and also the "Infinity Music Label", dedicated exclusive to release like as "Human Robot" inspired on side more deep, romantic and abstract side of Techno e suas vertentes. Currently Jef publicize his stamps and works also released by other national and international record companies in many places Brazil and around world . > Human Robot Live PA and DJ Reservations: [email protected] // [email protected]> (Subject Reservation) // more:

    Selected discography