Home Invasion



  • Home Invasion is a concept based on the core ideals of house music. Inspired by twice weekly visits to his favourite record store in Paris, this is 21st Century music influenced by interacting with the real world. Technological advances have benefitted..
    Nowadays there is increasing importance placed on online chart positions, the number of views, likes, listens or clicks. In a record shop you can't see the views or the likes, which some might say provides a more authentic experience. Inspiration comes from tangible sources; the artwork, recommendations from the record shop owners or other record enthusiasts and, of course, the music itself. Home Invasion encapsulates that sincerity, focusing on music produced with analogue equipment – classic machinery such as Akai's MPC and Dave Smith's Tempest, the Oberheim Matrix 1000, Nord's Lead and Virus Access synths, instruments collected during years of travel. So each one means has value, a personal connection with its owner and they work in unison to create a contemporary symphony. “It's like a space with no horizon. I love to make them talk together. It took me years to acquire the machines that were perfect for the music I wanted to do,” he says. Analogue machines have weight, presence, they almost breathe, emitting a warmth from their innards, they are sensitive to the human touch and provide a channel through which one's soul can be laid bare. Sure there's the odd mistake here and there, but that adds to the charm of the tracks. With Home Invasion scientific precision and calculated, robotic beats are swept to one side in favour of a more organic output. From the studio to the record shop shelves, every step of the journey has a human touch – full of soul and true passion. The first release sets the standard, raw beats, tribal rhythms, analogue roughness that epitomises the relationship between man and machine. Prepare to be immersed the deepest of sounds and be prepared for the Home Invasion...