• Quality late-night Balearic grooves, erotic soundtracks and sexy reworks is what you can expect from HOLDTight.
    The hedonistic craftsman flows over the french scene with his tasteful selection. With his impish sets, he always sets a unique mood in renowned venues and respected radio show such as the Mellotron or Concrete. Releasing his Balearic and psychedelic disco on his own vinyl label Hot'n'Spicy, Midnight Riot and Chopshop.

    Selected discography

    HOLDTight - Hot'n'Spicy - Hot'n'Spicy 01 (vinyl) HOLDTight - Midnight Riot vol7 - Midnight Riot HOLDTight - The Player - Chopshop records HOLDTight - Nu Disco essentials - LW records HOLDTight - Indie Dance - LW records HOLDTight - Funky Disco House - LW records HOLDTight - Galactic disco - Le Renard records HOLDTight - Don't give up - Le Renard records