• Thousands of people cultivate music; but few have the revelation of this great art. Ludwig Van Beethoven
    Thousands of people cultivate music; but few have the revelation of this great art. Ludwig Van Beethoven It’s the music that comes from within our soul that runs in our blood and makes all our cells vibrate. It´s passion, It´s life, a total surrender to a boundless creativity. The unconditional evolution throughout the mixtures, experiences and senses. Music is an inspiration from everything all over. It’s in every corner, a feeling, a ray of light, moonlight and transforms it into single beats that makes us enter in a state of trance. This has been the contribution of Hernandez since the 90’s, when he adventured himself into the world of electro music and soon after he reached fame. His success came sooner from the moment he shared his music with the public. Born and raised in Funchal, Madeira Island, he realized that the world would be his stage and set off to the major European, Asian and South American capitals. Hernandez is known for his talent, sense of responsibility and an infinite bound with the audience and he is leaving a very profound fingerprint in the nightclub scene. Germany, France, Russia, the Netherlands, Spain, Brazil and Thailand as well as Macao and Beijing know the art of this musician. Beside millions of people vibe with his music in the dance floor along the years, this DJ and producer took countless requests to promote new musical trends on radio and television. Having a special bond with Asia, Hernadez accepted to be the Chinese television channel Aomen TV’s music producer. Then he decided to take his career to a higher level and created, in Macao, the SideFX Records and recently he created Frequência focused on the sounds of techno, noise and minimal. His connection to his homeland was never forgotten. Every week he has a radio programme in Rádio Clube da Madeira where he shares with his listeners his recent productions. His skills led him to embrace a new professional challenge: he became the resident DJ in Pestana CR7 Hotel in Funchal, Madeira Island. Hernandez feels inspired not only by moments or feelings but also by the amazing nature of an island considered the best of Europe. He frequently goes back to his musical roots to find inspiration in songwriters and musicians such as Harvey, Ella Fitzgerald, Radiohead, The Dave Brubeck Quartet and Sun Ra. To his huge professional experience and the desire of growing into the world of music, Hernandez created a new record label, Frequência, which also deals with event planning. Without music life would be a mistake. Friedrich Nietzsche

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