Hermes Bertoni



  • DJ | Sound Designer | Musician
    Hermes Bertoni is a young pupil of the great school of electronic/techno music. You only have to listen to his music to understand his skills. The combination of different instruments during his live-sets opens the door to futuristic space travels. Hermes is an all-round artist, with him is pure immersion into the spirit of music, his creations give life to strange combinations that vary among harmonies, synths, and drums. Often someone could wonder if he is communicating with other life forms. Hermes during his sets as a DJ spins records following the energies of the place he is in, the people and his love for music. An introspective journey that will never tire the dancefloor. The experience of many European clubs and the warmth of the audience and many hours spent in the studio over the years have contributed to the growth of Hermes' portfolio. His latest releases is a collaboration with Zinger Records with the "Mekbuda EP".

    Selected discography

    Hermes Bertoni- Mekbuda Ep- Zinger Records (2019) Hermes Bertoni- Dreaming Ep- Bad Barbie Records (2016) Hermes & Fett- Two hands Ep- Aenaria Music (2014) Hermes Bertoni-Tantra Ep - Monique Chronique (2015)