• Hausmann (aka neil catlin) is a dj/promoter and the creator of house and techno brand Hauswerx. Based in London, Hausmann has been djing for 10 years, starting out with the delights of vinyl and the harsher sounds of hard dance, trance and techno. Kn..
    Now djing at Londons Ministry of sound, including the main 103 room, along with his own events and various other venues across the city, its been a long journey through the world of dance music for Hausmann! Born in 1984 (10 years too late in his eyes!) in London, Hausmann was first introduced to dance music at the tender age of 15 when he experienced the filth of the underground rave scene, at Londons Bagleys in kings cross. Despite having the time of his life, he wasn't convinced by the drum n bass sound, however did take a shine to the hardcore sub rooms, and quickly began to look for other harder style events across the capital. It wasn't until he experienced London trance event "Peach" and east Londons "turnmills", that he knew he had found a sound he could relate to. In early 2000 he hit Ibiza, and his musically taste was broadened once again as he was introduced to the "real" side of house music! Once back home, after a long night out to a gatecrasher event, and with no real memory of doing so, he ordered his first set of technics and a somewhat budget mixer! He then spent the next year or so buying vinyl and learning the trade of mixing records, and playing to friends at house parties. At this point it was more a hobby, as clubbing was the priority in his life. But as the years went by, the thought of playing to proper crowds in substantial venues became too much, so he started to put on parties and develop both a style and a brand. It was not until early 2010 when things started to become more serious, when he began to play centrals most famous club "ministry of sound". Now he regularly plays for varied promoters there including "the gallery" where he can showcase the house side of his interest in dance music. Acts he has played alongside at events throughout London include: Maya jane Coles, christian Burkhardt, Chris Stanford, Rik Parkinson, Umek, along with many others through his regular sets at Ministry. His Techno brand "hauswerx" has also began to get good recognition from the underground scene as he hosts parties across the capital with superb headline acts and venues. The future looks bright from this very experienced, committed and knowledgeable dj, who has now began to produce his own music, tying all his experiences hes had first hand over the last decade of dance. Thanks for his continued support...