• Harted • Producer / DJ / Live Performance
    Jens De Ketelaere - aka - Harted is highly energetic on stage and ever cheerful. Yet his skills are no laughing matter, this technical guru is an excellent producer, brewing on years of experience in different genres, while at the same time showcasing unbridled musicality and an ear for the finer sounds. Born and raised close to Ghent, this young Belgian dedicates his life to the craft of sounds and feels. Dropping into music wasn’t a coincidence, taking after his musical mom. One day, after hearing a classical piece of music - Monday’s Child by John Rutter, in the car, he replicated it by memory on a toy piano, gifted by his mom at the age of 8, demonstrating his inherent talent for beautiful, heartfelt harmonies. During his live sets, he consciously remains midway between an explosion of energy and the composed discipline of a pianist, which in a particularly powerful and danceable sound.

    Selected discography

    Moodfamily Compilation I - "Reyn" - Release date: 12.06.20 http://reyn.harted.be "Earth" - Release date: 22.04.20 http://earth.harted.be MF016 - "Dear Unrest" - Release date: 24.06.19 - Label: Moodfamily http://dearunrest.harted.be UYSR036 - "Polysemy EP" Release date: 20.10.16 - Label: Underyourskin Records http://polysemy.harted.be MF007 - "Wander EP" - Release date: 29.10.15 - Label: Moodfamily http://wander.harted.be