DJ Harri



  • Harri is synonymous with Glasgow’s vibrant House scene. His record breaking 20 year residency at the Sub Club was the foundation for it’s growth into one of the UK’s premier dance venues.
    Harri is synonymous with Glasgow’s vibrant House scene. His record breaking 20 year residency at the Sub Club was the foundation for it’s growth into one of the UK’s premier dance venues. In the early 90’s Harri teamed up with Stuart McMillan and Orde Meikle of Slam and Soma. For four years they spun their sonic magic at the Sub Club on Saturdays. However, the departure of Slam from the Sub saw Harri join forces with one of Glasgow’s most talented DJs, Domenic Cappello (20/20 vision, 7th sign, Soma). Together they created Subculture, the Sub’s flagship Saturday night. 14 years on, Subculture with Harri and Domenic at the helm, is possibly the longest running weekly House night in the U.K. Subculture has hosted the cream of international House DJs and has a reputation as one of the best and most credible House nights in the world. Creating and recording music under the names ; The Pa Pa Washington Trio, Daddy’s Favourite, H Foundation, DJ Harri, and other aliases, Harri has showcased his extraordinary mixing and production skills. Daddy’s Favourite, “I Feel Good Things For You” (as featured in the T.V series “Queer as Folk”), propelled Harri into the charts and is now a standard on many House compilations. The H Foundation’s “Liaka”, another Harri production, made it to No.12 in John Peel’s Festive 50. “Calling all dancers”, his first single with the Pa Pa Washington Trio, was licensed to at least 8 compilations and became one of Paper Recordings biggest selling records of 2002. Harri also scored three top 20 DJ magazine Hype Chart hits in 2002/3 (2 self penned and one Milton Jackson track) on his own Tax Discs label. Harri’s 5 year London residency with Kenny Hawkes at Plastic People was regarded as one of the best house nights of the 90’s. Harri regularly travels to Europe, the USA, the USSR and Asia, where his blend of House has gained wide acclaim. In DJ Magazine Harri was voted one of the world’s top 100 Dj’s for two years running. The Face (R.I.P.) and many other leading music magazines have lauded Harri’s unique contribution to the UK House scene. Currently Harri is working on new material with The Revenge (Five20East) with whom he has released material through Nordic Trax, Deep Freeze and Bosh. Harri has also been working on a collection of edits for Glasgow based L.E.S.S. Productions and is just putting the finishing touches to the new Subculture Mix CD for Soma. Harri and Dom recently did a 2 hour long "Essential Mix" for Pete Tong in November 2007.

    Selected discography

    DJ Harri & The Revenge : Lunar Tune / Squib (Five20East) DJ Harri & The Revenge : Freex / Up 'N' Down (Bosh) DJ Harri & The Revenge : Slackjaw (Nordic Trax) DJ Harri & The Revenge : Ain't No Words (Deep Freeze) DJ Harri & Papa Deep : Stand Up & Be Counted / Canned Heat (Deep Freeze) DJ Harri : Propaganda / Jivin' (Tax Discs) DJ Harri : Diggin' / Sneezin' (Tax Discs) Papa Washington Trio : Sound Boy (Paper Recordings) Papa Washington Trio : Trio De Janeiro 12" (Paper Recordings) Papa Washington Trio : Trio De Janeiro LP / CD (Paper Recordings) Papa Washington Trio : Calling All Dancers / Chocolate Fingers (Paper Recordings) Daddy's Favourite : Let Me Do It To You / Lovebird (Tax Discs) Daddy's Favourite : Turn It Loose / Footstompin' (Tax Discs) Daddy's Favourite : Pushergroove / Malcolm's Feet (Tax Discs) Daddy's Favourite : I Feel Good Things (Go Beat) Daddy's Favourite : Honey Cricket (Disco Sole) Daddy's Favourite : Good Things / Good Times (Disco Sole) Harri & Studio Blue : Golden Monkey Theme (Glasgow Underground) H Foundation : Cream Soda / Brown Sauce (Tronic Sole) H Foundation : Lima (Tronic Sole) H Foundation : Liaka (Bomba) Magpie Man : Beakbeats E.P. (Bomba) Harri Vs. Visnadi : Vespa (Bomba) Harri : Phuxache (Limbo) Harri : Strictly Drum & Bass (Walking Man) Harri : Skelph (Limbo) REMIXES : Emjay : Holla Pappy (Sole Trax) Milton Jackson : Whacked Up Audio (Tax Discs) Moody B : Nation (Deep Freeze) Shaboom : Totally (Shaboom) Mustapha : Circles (Go Beat) Cuba : Black Island (4AD) Happy Larry : Leggo Beat (Deep Distraxion) Within A Dream : Maybe Tommorow (4th & Broadway) Me Phi Me : When I Dream (RCA) Cupid : Anxious (EMI) Friendzy : Can't Stop (Walking Man) Apache Indian : Chok There (Island) M People : One Night In Heaven (De-Construction) COMPILATION CD Harri & Domenic : Subculture Mix CD (Soma) Harri : Lost Edits Vol.1 (L.E.S.S.) Harri : Subculture Mix (Arista)