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  • Guy Gerber has always favored the road less traveled. The Israeli DJ thrives on confounding expectations. What other underground DJ could collaborate with one of hip-hops biggest moguls, Puff Daddy, or start a left-field night at one of Ibiza’s most co..
    Guy Gerber has always favored the road less traveled. The Israeli DJ thrives on confounding expectations. What other underground DJ could collaborate with one of hip-hops biggest moguls, Puff Daddy, or start a left-field night at one of Ibiza’s most commercial clubs, Pacha? What other producer blends the worlds of melancholy and euphoria so effortlessly, or turns in a breakup album as an official mix for a revered club brand? It’s these kind of contradictions that define Gerber’s compelling duality. Before he was fiddling with drum machines and synths, Gerber was all about groups like Joy Division and My Bloody Valentine. These influences still echo clearly in his music today, whether it be his hypnotizing live performances or contemplative, moody productions. Over the course of four albums, Gerber has shown himself to be a singular artist. In 2007, he brought his debut album Late Bloomers to Sven Vath’s Cocoon, following that with 2009’s My Invisible Romance. In 2012 and 2013, he usurped the concept of a mix CD, delivering a Fabric album made up of 100% original new productions; then on Who’s Stalking Who creating an LP more akin to an extended composition than anything else. As a performer, Guy Gerber is consistently rated one of the best touring acts in dance music, earning a top 10 live performer nod three years in a row for Resident Advisor. When DJing he’s known for extended sets, epitomized by a 12-hour performance at Burning Man in 2014. Gerber’s sets are never forgettable, and he has an unerring ability to disrupt expectations, whether it be confounding Ibiza VIPs with his 2013 Wisdom of the Glove residency at Pacha --which even caught the New York Times’ attention -- or 12 months later going in a totally new direction with his clandestine free Ibiza beach party, Rumors. Even at more traditional club residencies like those he holds at Marquee, Sound, and Story, Gerber acts as the subversion, transforming the normative experience into something alive with mysticism and mystique. On the label front, Gerber has helped curate and A&R some of underground music’s most intriguing talents. His label Supplement Facts hosted everyone from Chaim, to dOP, Guti and Kate Simko. In typical Gerber fashion, just as it was reaching its apex he put it on hold to launch a new imprint Rumors, a befitting title for the mischievously minded Gerber. The new project is off to a promising start, serving as home to Guy’s colossal collaboration with Dixon, “No Distance,” as well as his crossover album with Puff Daddy, 11:11, which proved one of 2014’s most startling and impressive LPs. As with Supplement Facts, Rumors reiterates Gerber’s attention to the visual aesthetic. Both labels have seen him collaborating with artists all over the globe -- most recently with Miss Kittin on a What’s next for Guy Gerber? Like any good rumor, it’s sure to have tongues wagging.

    Selected discography

    Singles: Guy Gerber & Luciano – Versus (Arcenciel) (Cadenza 2009) Guy Gerber – Stoppage Time Remixes (Bedrock 2009) Guy Gerber – Sugar Cane (Supplemental 2009) Guy Gerber – Midknight Sketches (Nite Grooves 2009) Guy Gerber – Timing / Guilty Pleasure (Cocoon 2008) Guy Gerber & Kalbata – Cocoon Morphs Tokyo (Akropolis) (Cocoon 2008) Guy Gerber – Disorientation (Supplement Facts 2008) Guy Gerber & Chaim – Saltamonte / Milky Way (Supplement Facts 2007) Guy Gerber - Belly Dancing (Cocoon 2007) Guy Gerber & Chaim – My Space / Beaches (Supplement Facts 2007) Guy Gerber – The Pilgrim / Shayn (Twisted America 2007) Guy Gerber & Shlomi Aber - Sea of Sand / After Love (Cocoon 2006) Guy Gerber & Gregor Tresher – Open The Gates (Great Stuff 2006) Guy Gerber - Every Passing Minute / Seagull (Tishomingo 2006) Guy Gerber Turkish Delight (Nite Groove 2005) Guy Gerber - Stoppage Time (The Remixes) (Bedrock 2005) Guy Gerber Vs. Shlomi Zidan - I Love Boorekas EP (Tishomingo 2005) Guy Gerber - Stoppage Time (Bedrock 2004) Gerber vs. LBJ (Botchit) - Water Oil (2004) Guy Gerber and Sahar Z - 2 Stoned Riders (Deck 16 2004) Guy Gerber - Catch The Breeze / Wild Horses (Twisted America 2004) Guy Gerber Presents ADD - Let Me In (Kinky Vinyl 2003) Guy Gerber - Air Guitar (Whoop! 2003) Guy Gerber Presents A.D.D. - Flamer/Soon (Kinky Vinyl 2002) Guy Gerber - You Can Have Him / Lost DJ (Whoop! D2002) Guy Gerber & Sahar Z - Kenny’s Back (Whoop! 2002) Guy Gerber - Electric Mistress (Alternative Route 2002) EPs: Guy Gerber – My Invisible Romance (Supplement Facts 2009) Guy Gerber – Long Time Coming EP (SAW 2007) Guy Gerber - This Is Balagan (Supplement Facts/Cocoon 2006) Albums: Guy Gerber – Late Bloomers (Cocoon 2007) Remixes: dOP – Mambo Jambo (Guy Gerber’s Hemlock Remix) (Supplement Facts 2009) Huggotron - Late Night Worries (Gerber's Special K Remix) (Litmus 2009) Martin Brodin – Semitone Shuffle (Guy Gerber Rmx) (Deeplay Records 2008) Tiger Stripes – Hooked (Guy Gerber Remix) (Liebe Detail Spezial 2008) Thugfucker – Blatant Promotion (Guy Gerber & Hadas Reshuffle Mix) (Brique Rouge 2007) Moguai - Ataque (Guy Gerber Remix) (Punx Records 2007) Jack Rock – Formation Flying (Guy Gerber’s Jet Lag Remix) (Tic Tac Toe 2007) Paul Nazca – Legende (Guy Gerber & Chaim Rmx) (Giant Wheel 2007) Spencer Parker - Neon (Guy Gerber & David K Rmx) (Tsuba 2007) Chaim – Dana (Guy Gerber Rmx) (Dogtown 2007) UB0 – Pixels (Guy Gerber Rmx) (Azuli 2007) Zidan Style & K300 - Bedolff (Guy Gerber Rmx) (Circle Music 2007) New Order - Waiting For The Siren’s Call (Gerber's Mix) (New State / Sony BMG 2006) Metropolin - Hazirim (Gerber's Remix) (Helicon) Dominic Eullberg - Bionik (Guy Gerber Rmx) (Cocoon 2006) Digweed and Muir - Santiago (Gerber Hot Rod Mix) (Bedrock 2005) Electra - Come Inside (Guy Gerber's Greek Island Remix) (Nu Distribution) Kevin Freeman -Time For Revolution (Gerber's NYPD Mix) (SAW 2005) U-Facilities - Deeper Love (Guy Gerber and Joe Moreno Remix) (Tishomingo 2005) Versa - Chanting Souls (Gerber's Glowing Edges Mix) (SAW 2004) Ossia & Einhorn - La Fee (Guy Gerber Remix) (Whoop! 2002) Exodus - Enema (Guy Gerber’s Morning Glory Mix) (Selfish Recordings 2002) Mixes: RA.058 – Resident Advisor Podcast by Guy Gerber (2007) Aliases: Reshuffle – Shaky Feeling (Supplement Facts) Reshuffle – Hedonism (Supplement Facts) On Spec - Knights of Columbos (Bedrock 2006) 2 Guys – Geronimo / Eastern Crown (Twisted America 2003) Pasolater 5000 - The Last Gun Star (Optimus 2001)