Gus Gus



  • GusGus is one of the most sought after electronic acts out of Iceland, with a career spanning for over 20 years, they have managed to stay relevant in the current electronic music scene. A rotating cast of members, the current line up consists of two f..
    GusGus was initially formed in 1995 as a film/music collective. This spawned a short film and a critically acclaimed best selling album in Iceland. After striking a deal with 4AD in 1996 they became one of the most sought after electronic music acts out of Iceland. With the release of Polydistortion (4AD/Warner) in 1997, GusGus solidified their worldwide status to sold-out shows all over the world GusGus has had a span of nearly two decades in which they have done nearly every style of electronic influenced music. From techno to trip-hop, from house to progressive house/trance to pop, this collective has made each style their own. The current line up consists of founding members: Biggi Veira and Daníel Ágúst along with Icelandic indie prodigy Högni Egilsson (also a member of indie band Hjaltalín) With their latest release “Mexico”, GusGus once again present the audience with magical soundscapes that go from synth-pop “Obnoxiously Sexual” to deep techno “Mexico” to progressive house “Airwaves” and the chart topping stomper “Crossfade”. The combination of the vocal artistry of Daníel Ágúst and the raspy melodic voice of Högni surrounded by mesmerizing electronics, haunting grooves, with subtle string and brass arrangements blending in, creates a very unique and powerful sound produced by mastermind Biggi Veira which has been leaving audiences clamoring for more. Currently the band is recording their 10th album, to be released in 2016.

    Selected discography

    ALBUMS Gus Gus (Kjól & Anderson) 1995 Polydistortion (4AD/Warner Bros./Labels) 1997 This Is Normal (4AD/Warner Bros./Labels) 1999 GusGus vs. T-World (4AD/Warner Bros./Labels) 2000 Attention (Underwater Records/Moonshine) 2002 Forever (Pineapple Records) 2007 24/7 (Kompakt) 2009 Arabian Horse (Kompakt) 2011 Mexico (Kompakt) 2014 COMPILATIONS Mixed Live: Sírkus (Moonshine) 2003 15 Ára (Smekkleysa) 2010 SINGLES Chocolate (4AD) 1996 Polyesterday (4AD) 1996 Believe (4AD) 1996 Standard Stuff For Drama (Warner Bros.) 1997 Polydistortion (Warner Bros.) 1997 Purple (Warner Bros.) 1997 Barry (Warner Bros./4AD) 1997 Anthem (4AD) 1998 Ladyshave (4AD/Warner Bros.) 1998 VIP (4AD/Warner Bros.) 1999 Starlovers (4AD/Warner Bros.) 1999 Lactic (MCA) 2000 Dance You Down (Underwater) 2002 David (Underwater/Moonshine) 2002 Desire (Underwater/Moonshine) 2002 Call Of The Wild (Underwater/Moonshine) 2003 Need In Me (Pineapple Records) 2005 Mallflowers (Pineapple Records) 2006 Moss (Pineapple Records) 2007 Hold You (Pineapple Records ) 2007 Thin Ice (Kompakt) 2009 Add This Song (Kompakt) 2009 Deep Inside (Kompakt) 2011 Over (Kompakt) 2011 Magnified Love (Kompakt) 2011 Crossfade (Kompakt) 2014 Obnoxiously Sexual (Kompakt) 2014 Airwaves (Kompakt) 2014 God Application (TBA) 2016