• Rio de Janeiro resident has been running underground parties in the city since 2012. Founder and resident of the Climão party along side long time friend Carrot Green, they enjoy sharing all kinds of music and moments with their extended dancefloor family.
    Gigios has always been involved with music. From playing in school bands and singing in choirs as child until discovering dance music culture as an adult. His style is as diverse as his musical background and over the years he has gained a deeper knowledge of different styles being applied to all kinds of different party scenarios - from easy afternoon jams in a public beach party in Rio, to darker more intense parties in small sweaty spaces and everything in between. His party Climão (which means something like a tangible atmosphere which is usually awkward but can also be used to describe an intense beautiful vibe) is usually a very long and steady building back to back with his long time friend Carrot Green, where they take their dancers on a 10 hour journey through all their favourite jams. Though the party has had the back to back format for a while, recently they have been booking guests like Tata Ogan, Forro Red Light and in the past have had help from friends like Selvagem and Eric Duncan.
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