Giangi Cappai



  • Italian DJ Producer Giangi Cappai, also know as alter-ego “Alma Matris”, a self declared citizen of the world. Motibus Records owner and A&R.
    Giangi first topped the Italian and European charts in 1997 with the alias Alma Matris. The track "Musica Electrica/Rumore Chimico" was re-released by New Yorker Star 69 and confirmed Giangi’s status as one of the world’s techy tribal heavyweights. The follow-up single “Rapido” hit the dance charts worldwide after one week, and remains a tribal anthem. This iconic record led to the creation of one of Amsterdam’s leading events (Rapido), for which Giangi has been a long-time resident and purveyor of its sexy music policy. He’s remixed pop icons like Madonna, and dance-music legends Martha Wash, Afrika Bambaataa, Peter Rauhofer, Peter Presta, Offer Nissim, Tony Moran feat Liquid Soul, Ralphi Rosario, and many others.. His beats are presented on Kult, Deeperfect, Mantra Vibes, Tenor, Vendetta, Iberican Records, and his own new label Motibus Records. Giangi Cappai’s studio creations and DJ sessions are infused with his driving, deep, heavy, sexy slant on Techno-Tribal-Tech-House, with influences of 80’s electronic music, Kraftwerk and Brian Eno.

    Selected discography

    THE STUPID SET “Hear The Rumble 2015 Rework” - Italian Records/Kompakt GAZNEVADA “I.C. Love Affair 2015 Rework” – Italian Records/Kompakt FRANKIE BARRETTO “Deep Pizza” Motibus Records JMC “Midas Touch” - Proku Records GIANGI CAPPAI & RALPHI ROSARIO “Bring Your Soul Back 5102 rmx” - Motibus Records GIANGI CAPPAI “Lagrima 2015” - Kult Records DEBBY HOLIDAY “I Like You” - Sugar House Music GIANGI CAPPAI “Mbody EP” - Motibus Records GIANGI CAPPAI & DANIELE D'ALESSANDRO “Jockfighters” - Sorry Shoes Records GIANGI CAPPAI & MAURA C “You Are My Pride” - Sorry Shoes Records MARTHA WASH & TONY MORAN “I'm Not Coming Down” - Purple Rose Rec GIANGI CAPPAI “Re-Maya” - Sound Divison Rec HOUSE FOR THE HOMELESS “We can Heal” - Room Control Rec TONY MORAN & LIQUID SOUL “This is How we do” - Mr Tanman Music GIANGI CAPPAI “Lo Sento” - Motibus Records” INAYA DAY & GIANGI CAPPAI “Rapid Fire” - Kult Records GIANGI CAPPAI & FRANCESCA MANNYNG “The Angel” - Ego music GIANGI CAPPA&fRANCESCA MANNYNG “Fire Of Love” - Kult Records INAYA DAY & GIANGI CAPPAI “Rapid Fire” Kult Records GIANGI CAPPAI “Lagrima” + “Lagrima - the remixes” - Kult Records GIANGI CAPPAI “Egotrip” Kult Records FRANKLIN FUENTES “The Robots” - Kult Records LULA “Last Night a Dj Saved My Life” - Kult Records GIANGI CAPPAI & RALPHI ROSARIO “Bring Your Soul Back” - Iberican Records GIANGI CAPPAI “Moover 8002” - Deeperfect ANDREA CARNELL “There is a Place” - Kult Records LULA “Fire and Burn” - Kult Records OFFFER NISSIM “Be My Boyfriend” Giangi Cappai mix - STAR 69 Records RALPHI ROSARIO “Take Me Up” - Rosario Digimusic RALPHI ROSARIO “You Used to Hold Me” - Rosario Digimusic ELESCO “Set Sail” Alma Matris rmx - Mantra Vibes Records GIANGI CAPPAI pres. KLONE - “I Need U now”- Plastikal Mood Records ALMA MATRIS “Musica 6002” - Mantra Vibes Records MADONNA “Easy Ride” - Warner Music ALMA MATRIS “Circuito” - VRS Records/Blanco Y Negro Records ALMA MATRIS TRIBE TOOL E.P. - Royal Drums Records TRACY YOUNG ft CEEVOX “Believe in we” - Ferosh Records MOTIBUS "Music/Make it Phunkee” - Mantra Vibes Rec ALMA MATRIS “Rapido” - Mantra Vibes Rec SPORK “Freek like me” - Mantra Vibes Rec/Southern Fried SHAUNA SOLOMON “You Can Get Over” - Harlequin Rec THE "X" FACTOR “DESERT RAIN” - Mantra Vibes Rec PEACHSKIN "Maya" - Sound Division Rec ALMA MATRIS “Rumore Chimico” - Mantra Vibes Rec ALMA MATRIS “Ritmo Mecanico” - Mantra Vibes Rec MOOVER “Peachskin” - No Label Rec DOG MOOVER “Bass The Groove” - Sound Divison Rec PHOENIA “Honky Tonky” - Mantra Vibes Rec ALMA MATRIS “Musica Electrica“ - VRS rec HAZARD "Mooving to the Funky Beat" - DFC Rec D.D. KLEIN "In Up” - Sony Music Rec AFRIKA BAMBAATAA “Electro Funk Express” - PRG Rec