• This venezuelan-spaniard artist gives us an elegant vision drawn in his particular sound.
    Seven years after Fool Again, musician, producer and dj Rafael Garnica, better known as Garnica, returns to the scene with "The Spirit". The single has marked the first release since the premiere of his debut album in 2013. The native artist of the Venezuelan Andes, who was a drummer in Submarino and Galgo, is currently based in the Spanish city of Barcelona, ​​from where he continues to work and produce new tracks. In addition to this project, Garnica has also remained active in the Barcelona scene under the pseudonym Kiss Me Again, a proposal that has a sound described as "Versatile Balearic House with some downtempo". His most recent work is an edit of the song "Nights Over Egypt” from The Jones Girls. In combination with this pair of artistic projects, the former drummer is the host of "Legacy", a podcast to enjoy music classics refined by producing DJs in stylised sessions. To keep up to date with all the news about Garnica and his projects, visit